Reminder: Saturday Beautification and Treebox Planting

Thanks to all who signed up for free plants and dirt for Saturday’s planting event. We had funds to purchase plants and dirt for 30-40 boxes and we’ve gotten enough folks signed up to fill this. Only if folks don’t show up or if we have extras we’ll give those supplies out after 11am.

Here’re some other things to know for Saturday:

  • Clean up and planting supplies will be at 1st and P St NW at 10 a.m.
  • We will have supplies for our regular street cleaning and trash pick up – brooms, bags, rakes, etc. If you want to do a pick up
  • We may have folks who could use some neighborly help with digging and planting, it would be great if you’ve got the extra vigor in you, to offer help to your neighbor.
  • For those signed up for plants, please come between 10am – 11am to pick up your supplies. Pick up is at the corner of 1st and P St NW in the school parking lot.
  • There should be 4-6 plants available and a few different varieties to choose from for each treebox that you’ve signed up for.  Check with Caryn, Pete or Kristin, who’ll be helping get everyone going so that you know what you can get and choose from.
  • After 11, we will give away plants to other neighbors who did not sign up.
  • There should be dirt available.
  • There should be mulch available.
  • Please have gloves, shovel and other supplies, as needed. You will be doing the work of planting yourself.
  • If you need help we can see if kind souls will be around and about to participate.
  • If you are able to take photos of your treebox areas before and after you plant, please do so and send to This is helpful for us to be able to show the Advisory Neighborhood Commission how we used the grant.
  • The mulch is from the Department of Public Works and is for everyone in the neighborhood.

Thanks for making our neighborhood a great community and a beautiful place!

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