S.O.M.E. first stop on “homeless bus” route from shelter

Here are two paragraphs that mention S.O.M.E. — on the Unit b/o O Street — as one of the stops on the “homeless bus” route.

For Homeless, Too, A Daily Commute in Rush-Hour Traffic
By Steve Hendrix
Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, November 6, 2101; A01

The bus goes all the way to Union Station, but Fischer got off at the first stop: the free breakfast at So Others Might Eat at First and O streets NW. Buses from several shelters converge at the kitchen. Fischer joined a line that had already doubled back on itself.

After a long wait, some scrambled eggs, pancakes, a banana and two apples, Fischer began his daily meander. He struck it lucky right away when an evangelical Christian gave him $5 and a religious pamphlet in exchange for listening to a few minutes of the Gospel. Then Fischer headed right over to a McDonald`s for a post-breakfast hamburger.

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