two-night McMillan developer salon — 12/6 & 12/7

See this 11/29/2010 message from Tania Jackson: 

In response to the request made at McMillan Meeting #3 on Saturday, 11/20/2010, Vision McMillan Partners will be hosting a two night Developer Salon at the Big Bear Cafe. 

On Monday, December 6th and Tuesday, December 7th, Jair Lynch, Adam Weers and Aakash Thakkar will be available for small group talks with interested participants.  The evening meetings will be a little different from the Design Salons — rather than individuals having one-on-one time, we will be putting together four groups across two nights. 

Please email Tania Jackson to get into one of the groups: mcmsalon @  Tania is also available by phone– call (202) 355- 8998 with any questions. 

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