LAYC seeks support at JF Cook Disposition hearing

On December 10th, the DC Council will begin considering the proposed redevelopment of the currently vacant J. F. Cook School by YouthBuild Public Charter School and Latin American Youth Center.  YouthBuild will serve 150 additional students, aged 16 – 24, per year at Cook who have not found success in traditional public schools. LAYC will provide affordable housing at Cook for 47 young adults, aged 18 – 24, in addition to services that will support their transition to successful adulthood.  Currently, too many District youth drop out of school each year, and DC has 1,400 homeless youth, and only about 100 beds to shelter them. The Cook School Campus will address these issues!



  • December 10, 2010, 10 am
  • John A. Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Room 500
  • Send your name, address, phone number, and organization (if any) to Aretha Latta, Administrative Assistant to the DC Council Committee of the Whole at, or call her at 724-8196 by COB December 8th.
  • Bring 20 copies of your testimony on the day of the hearing.
  • Can’t testify in person?  Submit your testimony in writing to

Sign on to a letter of support.

  • Individuals and organizations are encouraged to sign on, even if you are supporting us in other ways.
  • Email us at to view the letter and sign on.

Write your own letter of support to DC Councilmembers.

Call DC Councilmembers to voice your support.

  • Go to for phone numbers of councilmembers.
  • Don’t have time to call them all?  We suggest concentrating on Councilmembers Gray and Thomas, in addition to your ward representative.

Want more information?  Need talking points for testimony?  Email us at

Angie Rodgers

3 thoughts on “LAYC seeks support at JF Cook Disposition hearing

  1. LAYC has not earned and does not deserve the support of the community.

    This group has not modified their proposed use of the school since it was introduced over a year ago. They have made no effort to engage BACA or the local ANC in the planning of this school. Aside from their word they will be good neighbors, they have offered nothing.

    Almost two years ago, the Bates area came together to discuss what we wanted to see in our backyard. Since then, first the city and now LAYC has ignored these wishes and desires. This is our neighborhood and our school.

    The Bates area must not continue to be a dumping ground for any social service with political connections. Not including the soon to be closed methadone clinic and recent SOME property sales, we already have over 12 services aready in operation within two blocks of Cook. No other place in the city has this concentration of services.

    I would encourage everyone in the community to show up and demand the city step back and listen to what we want in our backyard. They reconsidered McMillan, now it’s time to go back to thedrawing board on this.

  2. In general I agree that the LAYC development of the Cook School would not be best for the neighborhood nor the LAYC because of the already high number of social services in the area. We are at a very interesting cross roads now however, I believe the bigges threat to the LAYC project is not going to be local neighborhood protest but rather funding issues. The Council is in the midst of cutting budgets including a proposed cut to the MPD force of 250 people. It will be my position that the development of a LAYC project must be cut in order to preserve what safety there is in our neighborhood and hopefully to continue inproving that level of safety. We should all write our Council member with such a statement:

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