Community Survey for Senior Community Center at M.M. Washington

Dear Neighbors,

The developers for the M. M. Washington school would like additional input from out community in the design of the Community Center to be located at the Senior Housing Building.

Please review the attached documents and complete the survey by December 31st. We will discuss this project and your input at the January 10th BACA meeting.

Happy Holidays –

Geovani A. Bonilla

MM Washington Community Center

4 thoughts on “Community Survey for Senior Community Center at M.M. Washington

  1. The survey seems a bit slanted.

    Also, I noticed you had asked for the original RFP a while back, has anyone seen a copy of it? The survey mentions the importance of ‘age-in-place’ for seniors. I’m curious what the RFP identifies as the source for occupants (if any).

  2. Agree with Mike, the main point of the survey seems to be to get the community to agree with the developer that they project is needed. Kind of pointless to fill this out.

  3. The RFP is a public record and available online in the DC government webiste. The survey is optional and folks can or cannot participate.

  4. Thanks. I’ve tried to find it, but haven’t had any luck. The only thing I’ve been able to dig up is a one paragraph piece on that lists it under ‘neighborhood revitalization’ in ward 7, a few items on dcmud and other blogs, and your developer summary from Nov 12.

    I’m not trying to be a curmudgeon, just kinda curious about what was submitted to DC. The focus on ‘age-in-place’ implies area (hanover/bates/really close which would be good) residents, however this appears to contradict the general rental description from Nov. 12.

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