DDOT Update: New York Avenue, NE Corridor Construction Projects

In an effort to help keep the community, commuters and other stakeholders informed, the District Department of Transportation has issued the following release to media on updates related to construction projects in the New York Avenue, NE corridor.

 Two Bridge Projects to Bring Big-Time Impacts to New York Avenue, NE

Long-term Lane Closures to Reduce Capacity by One-Third Starting in 2011

 Traffic impacts related to the replacement of the 9th Street Bridge combined with the start of rehabilitation for the New York Avenue Bridge are anticipated to begin in early 2011 and will continue into 2013. The largest impact, scheduled to begin in summer 2011, includes a half-mile stretch of New York Avenue, NE that will be reduced from six lanes to four lanes for approximately 24 months during reconstruction on the New York Avenue Bridge. Traffic delays approaching the construction area during this period are anticipated to increase motorists’ travel time between 15-30 minutes.

 The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) urges drivers to use alternative routes and means of commuting, as well as shifting their schedule to avoid travelling through the constricted corridor during peak traffic periods, if possible. In advance of the reduction to four lanes, DDOT also will be providing to the first 2,000 New York Avenue commuters a $50 per month incentive to use ride-sharing alternatives (more details below). Alternative routes may include:

 Montana Avenue, NE to Rhode Island Avenue, NE to Lincoln Road, NE to North Capitol Street, NE.

  • West Virginia Avenue, NE to Florida Avenue, NE.
  • South Dakota Avenue, NE to Rhode Island Avenue, NE to Lincoln Road, NE to North Capitol Street, NE.
  • Bladensburg Road, NE to Florida Avenue, NE.
  • Kenilworth Avenue, NE to three potential exits: Benning Road, East Capitol Street or Howard Road.

 “We keenly recognize that New York Avenue is a main commuting artery and that improving these facilities will exert a major impact on the tens of thousands of people who use it daily,” said DDOT Chief Engineer Ronaldo T. “Nick” Nicholson, P.E. “That’s why we are making every effort to inform the public before construction-related congestion kicks in so they can make plans to avoid it. The centerpiece of our commitment to providing options to commuters is our New York Avenue Bridge Bucks program, which will debut before the heaviest impacts are felt by the traveling public.”

 New York Avenue Bridge

 Construction is scheduled to begin this winter on the New York Avenue Bridge. The first phase of the project will require closure of the westbound sidewalk and curb lane. However, the heaviest impacts along the corridor will start in summer 2011 and continue through 2013 in four phases, during the second and third phases of the project the New York Avenue Bridge will lose one third of its capacity. Other construction activities may require narrowing traffic lanes, removing shoulders, closing area sidewalks and bike lanes temporarily, frequently changing traffic patterns and shortening merging distances.

9th Street Bridge

On December 13, 2010, the 9th Street Bridge opened to northbound traffic and the demolition of the old bridge began. The completion of the new intersection at Mount Olivet Road and Brentwood Parkway, NE will provide northbound traffic access to the new bridge. The section of the old bridge over New York Avenue will be demolished first, followed by the portion over the railroad tracks. Bridge demolition activities are scheduled to be completed by May 2011. During this time, traffic signs will remain posted to alert the public about lane shifts and closures along New York Avenue to guide them safely through the work zone.


Incentives and Traveler Information

DDOT is not only encouraging commuters to use alternatives to driving during the peak construction period, but it is also sponsoring a ride-sharing incentive program in 2011 entitled New York Avenue Bridge Bucks, just prior to the most severe anticipated impacts related to the New York Avenue Bridge project. The first 2,000 eligible commuters to enroll will be provided with $50 per month in fares for buses, rail transit or organized vanpools. The program, available to District and non-District residents, will also provide one-on-one advice to help commuters determine which alternatives work best for their individual needs.

To try and help keep traffic flowing during construction, DDOT will increase green light time on traffic signals and lane closures will be kept to a minimum during peak travel hours. For short-term construction activities, DDOT will set thresholds for traffic impacts that require contractors to remove closures and reschedule work, thereby enabling backups to clear.

Preparing the public for the anticipated impacts is a high priority for DDOT. An extensive public awareness effort is underway, including public meetings, community outreach, advertising, and traditional and social media, such as Twitter (@NYAve411 and @DDOTDC) as well as a project website (currently in development) www.FixingNewYorkAve.com.

New York Avenue Corridor Projects

In 2009, DDOT announced five projects on or in the vicinity of New York Avenue, NE. The projects, totaling more than $100 million of construction work, include two major bridge rehabilitations, structural work, safety improvements and roadway resurfacing. Since these projects were announced, DDOT has successfully completed two projects and is on schedule to complete the 9th Street Bridge in the summer of 2011.

The five projects included:

Replacement of 9th Street Bridge, NE over New York Avenue and Rail Lines.

  1. Reconstruction of New York Avenue Bridge, NE over Rail Lines and Approach Roads.
  2. Completed: Resurfacing/Rehabilitation of Brentwood Road, NE; 9th Street, NE; W Street, NE; Edgewood Street, NE.
  3. Completed: Safety Improvements for Florida Avenue/New York Avenue/First Street/Eckington Place, NE.
  4. Scheduled for 2012 construction: Reconstruction of First Street, NE from K Street, NE to New York Avenue, NE.

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