BACA January 10, 2011 Meeting

At this meeting, we will be discussing:

 M.M. Washington Development – this project has already been approved by the City Council during the disposition hearing that took place several months ago. At this stage, the developer is seeking community engagement to develop the community center. As the residents that will occupy the 90 units will be our neighbors, we need to find a way to develop a cooperative and productive relationship with the building residents, managers and developers.  The Developers has been shared the original RFP submitted when bidding for the property as well as an updated Term Sheet once the property was awarded and the City Council approved the disposition and hearing.  The Developer, in addition to the rent deal, will receive millions of dollars in low income housing tax credits.

J. F. Cook – Mayor Elect Grey and Council Member Thomas have suggested mediation to find a compromise that could meet the needs of the community and of the project developer. Mediation could be as simple as community and Youth Build/LAYC trying to find a common ground or hiring a professional mediator (cost could be shared between the ANC, Youth Build/LAYC, and Civic Associations opposing the project. Victoria Leonard from Council Member Thomas’ office is coordinating these efforts.  I hope to have more definitive information to you at the meeting.

 Review and approval of BACA 2011 Project Plan and Budget.

M.M. Washington Submitted RFP


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