BACA Looks Forward to 2011

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

2011 will bring some great opportunities and some great challenges for our community. Our involvement as home owners and stake holders will be essential to make our neighborhood thrive. I hope you join the Bates Area Civic Association in its efforts to improve the quality of life in our community.

In addition to membership dues, we need community support with some of the following projects:

Economic Development Committee – currently working with N. Capitol Main Street and many other agencies and community organizations to improve business opportunities on N. Capitol Street. This group will also work on the Small Business Development Plan for the area. Brett Abrams is leading these efforts. Develop relationships with community businesses to promote businesses support and participation with BACA.

Friends of Florida Avenue ParkJon Hasse is coordinating the efforts to develop a community activity schedule and programs to revitalize the park after renovation is complete in the summer of 2011. Programs may include: concerts at the park, sporting events, arts festival and other activities.

Neighborhood Beautification and Programs  –Volunteer Needed to Lead These Efforts.  This will include Flower Power 2011; BACA’s annual yard and tree box beautification contest and reception, neighborhood clean ups and plantings. A suggestion for a neighborhood photography contest was suggested. Neighborhood cook out or block parties. Holiday party or caroling. What other community events would you like to see?

Safety Committee – Geovani Bonilla is currently working on these efforts. Conduct monthly meetings with Metropolitan Police, Council Chair on Public Safety, and soon to be Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice to address community crime and safety concerns. Help develop a neighborhood crime watch program. Coordinate neighborhood safety walks and serve on the MPD Community Advisory Council.

We hope you become an active member of our community and help make our community reach its potential.

Wishing you and your loved ones a safe and happy new year.

Geovani A. Bonilla.

MembershipFormDues $20 – contact Margaret Stevens to join.


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