any interest in following the 1st & H St NW Walmart development …?

Courtesy of the Greater Greater Washington blog

Might there be interest by Bates Area residents in at least * following * the discussion of the plans — and eventual development — of the closest Walmart store at 1st & H Street NW, just six or seven blocks south?

Here is a link to a recent Greater Greater Washington blog entry regarding the proposed design for the development — “five floors, with small format retail lining the H Street sidewalk, Wal-Mart behind, parking underground, and 315 apartments on the upper floors”:

Will Wal-Mart be urban? Part 3: New Jersey Avenue

by Dan Malouff •   November 24, 2010 2:21 pm

So I am curious if there is some interest in keeping up with the 1st & H NW Walmart development here on the BACA blog … ?

You might also wish to read this guest editorial from the 01/14/2011 Washington Business Journal from Richard Layman:

Temper Walmart glee with planning

Premium content from Washington Business Journal – by Richard Layman

Date: Friday, January 14, 2011, 6:00am EST.

5 thoughts on “any interest in following the 1st & H St NW Walmart development …?

  1. I keep forgetting that there are so many plans sites for Walmart. This H-Street NW Walmart site is a location I walk past at least once a week. I try to drive north on the portion of NJ Ave that is right nex to it even more often. Count me in as wanting to follow and participate in the process. For those who do hunt and find meeting notices on the Web for the H-Street NW Walmart, please post them here.

  2. Terrific! What a boost to our neighborhood. Walking distance to a scaled down WalmArt is yet another sign that we are going to be able to keep our footprint small and won’t need cars to go to the suburbs for shopping.

  3. I know there was some talk about the NY-Ave Walmart from Thomas’ office at the last baca meeting. I would love to see something about this project since IMO, It affects us a lot more than the far-east one 😉

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