JF Cook School: “anything is better than an old empty building, right?”

See this brief post from the DC MetroCentric blog on the future of the JF Cook School.  The blog entry includes an image of a building design. 

You can comment here at the BACA blog and/or over at DC MetroCentric.  Do you agree or disagree with the assessment that “anything is better than an old empty buillding?”

Future for Empty JF Cook School



For the last few years, the plan for the old JF Cook School on P Street has been to transform the building into new facilities for the Latin American Youth Center. The building would include housing for at-risk youth as well as a charter school, but the future of the project is still up in the air. Certainly something like this has immediate benefits to the community, but there are also residents who are against the project, specifically the housing element.

To throw another kink into the plans for the future of the project, legislation to support the development has expired and even with the continued support from the Mayor`s office and the City Council, there would need to be some reconciliation between the current plan and community input before this progresses. If there is anything the community can agree on it should be the design, which is a great looking use of the existing building by Weincek and Associates…

and anything is better than an old empty building right?

One thought on “JF Cook School: “anything is better than an old empty building, right?”

  1. I live across the alley on Bates Street. The main problem, as some of us see it, is that this area is already saturated with social service programs. I would like to see, and I speak only for myself, is some incentives for businesses to open at this location. This part of NW has no bank, grocery store or even a drugstore. We need to start thinking about the residents here. I mean those who pay taxes and deserve more accommodations, than those from outside this area. Did the city even consider putting this school on Capitol Hill or Georgetown? Probably, not.

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