Are You the Fittest Person in DC?

Who will be crowned the fittest in DC in 2011? The DC Fitness Challenge is back, and is scheduled for May 14. Beginners, Fitness enthusiasts, and professional trainers are encouraged to test their skills at this annual event. The best part: all registration fees and proceeds go to a charity addressing childhood obesity in the nation’s capital.

The event takes place at McKinley Tech High School (151 T St NE) in Washington, DC. Competitors will run a Timed Mile Race and then complete 4 timed stations targeting strength, cardio, flexibility and endurance. Two levels of competition are planned: Level One (women and men’s general fitness: 1-minute stations) and Level Two (women and men’s elite fitness: 2-minute stations). Prizes will be awarded to the top women and men in the two levels. Check-in begins at 8am, and the competitive events will conclude at noon. There will be a Zumba demonstration afterward, however, till 2pm.

There is a modest registration fee of $25 (or $50, if one would like to run an ad in the souvenir book), but all proceeds go to Project Fitness Community, an initiative of a local nonprofit addressing childhood obesity, WIAS (Wellness In American Schools).

“Last year we were indoors. This year we’re taking it to the streets and upping the competition, ” says Chickaro Martin, program manager for Project Fitness Community.

Project Fitness Community hopes local fitness enthusiasts and professionals in the fitness and wellness community can serve as role models for local youths. The group is planning fun activities for youth ages 5-14 the morning of Challenge Day. These activities will emphasize adopting healthy and active lifestyles. “We’ll have a range of activities for the kids, to demonstrate how fun being active can be. Then they can watch the adults compete and talk to them about fitness.”

For further details about competing, volunteering, donating, or being a sponsor, visit http://www.dcfitnesschalle, or call Chickaro Martin at 202.269.0050. or Cell 301.237.4643

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