Crime Information for PSA 501

Metropolitan Police PSA 501 (which is where Bates Area Civic Association is located) worked extremely hard in 2010 at reducing crime. Violent crimes were down 10% in 2010 compared to 2009 and total crime was down 3%. Though crime as a whole was down as a whole, our community was hit with a usual rash of crime.

            I have compiled a list of all reported crimes in 2010 in our PSA. For your convenience, I have identified the crimes within the BACA boundaries, Bloomingdale and Hanover Civic Association. Analyzing this data is clear that First ST NW, O ST NW, N ST NW, New Jersey and N. Capital ST have the higher concentration of incidents.

            Most concerning is the increase in assaults with dangerous weapons, thefts from auto, and home burglaries. Thefts from auto and burglaries are crimes that we can help reduce or prevent by taking some basic precautions.

            To ensure your car is not broken into, ensure you lock your doors. Leave all packages out of sight or locked up in your trunk. Ensure your GPS or satellite radio unit is not left displayed on your dashboard (wipe the inside of your windshield to remove the suction cup rings left behind by the holder). Don’t leave phone charger or GPS charger visible by the cigarette lighter. Keep your spare parking change out of sight.

            To prevent home burglaries, ensure you lock all doors. Weather is getting nicer, so if you open your windows, ensure you lock them afterwards. Gets a home alarm system or home monitoring system to secure your home. Ensure you put your mail and newspaper delivery on hold if you are going to be out of town. Have a trusted neighbor or friend check on your home when you’re out of town. Get motion, dusk to dawn lights.

 Other things you can do to keep our neighborhood safe:

  • Join BACA Community Walk Groups – Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm at the corner of P and First ST NW.
  • Participate in the Block Captain Program (Neighborhood Crime Watch)
  • Attend Metropolitan Police Monthly Community Meeting. 3rd Wednesday of every month at the Harry Thomas Recreation Center. Next meeting is March 16th at 7pm.
  • Report all suspicious activity to 911
  • Schedule a ride along with a police officer

For more information on any of these programs, contact Geovani A. Bonilla at

PSA 501 Crime Summary

2010 Reported Crime Details

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