Who Will Lead Neighborhood Beautification Project?

We need a hero!!! Okay just someone that wants to encourage others to beautify their yards, tree boxes and back yards through flowers and planting. Flower Power is an annual tradition in our neighborhood.

Flower Power is organized through a series of early spring planting projects (first took place April 9 with the neighborhood cleanup and mulch distribution). The project includes notices to neighbors that Flower Power Committee is accepting nominations for the most beautifully planted tree boxes, front yards and back yards. A community garden walk is organized to allow participants to judge the nominees. A reception following the walk brings attendees together.

This is a fantastic way to explore the beauty of our neighborhood, the architecture of the homes, meet wonderful neighbors and see what great renovations people have made to their backyards. The reception is always fun and neighbors hangout for several hours.

It is possible to also apply for a grant to make plants available to neighbors to put in public places such as tree boxes. A fund raiser can be held as well to supplement the grant.

So who will lead this effort? This could be the neighborhood social event of the year.

Contact Geovani Bonilla via email at gbonilla@hospicemanagement.com or phone 202-255-3312 if you wish to lead this effort or just serve in the committee. All levels of volunteers and ideas are welcomed.

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