Washington Post to Feature Truxton Circle Neighborhood

The Washington Post Real Estate Section is working on an article featuring Truxton Circle. Jennifer Ragins and I were interviewed for the article and possible others as well. Jennifer Ragins, one of the founders of the Bates Area Civic Association and President of the Homeowners Association possesses tremendous knowledge of the historic value of our neighborhood.

My interview focused on the evolution of the neighborhood, economic development and quality of life today. I could not help but to brag about our great community. I was very vocal about how long-time neighborhood residents (home owners) and new home owners have come together to work in a collaborative way to improve the area. I spoke of our community projects, how we welcome new neighbors to the area (our pot luck parties) and of the upcoming developments.

I mentioned the great work being done by North Capitol Main Street and its efforts to revitalize the North Capitol Street corridor, including the new Fire House Restaurant, potential pet shop and new coffee shops. We discussed the renovation of our park and our partnership with Bloomingdale to find common solutions to neighborhood challenges.

I will make sure to post the article when published.

Geovani A. Bonilla

3 thoughts on “Washington Post to Feature Truxton Circle Neighborhood

  1. Geo – This is great and potentially very important publicity for the neighborhood if this article is favorable. I would like to publish a history page about the neighborhood – on this website, with Jen’s help. Also – I’d like to work on a Welcome Packet for new neighbors – which could be downloadable from the website, and something we could give to (dues-paying) BACA members. Let’s discuss.

    1. Caryn that is a fantastic idea. We have spoken about a welcome package for a while. TD Bank, Wholefoods and other business would be happy to pay for ad space so we can raise the $ for the packets. I think we have most of the raw material, we just need to pull it together. Let’s do it.

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