New Fee Introduced To Meet Tight FY 2011 Budget

The DC Department of Public Works has announced that effective Monday, April 25, 2011, it will begin charging residents $45 each for new 32-gallon trash carts and 32-gallon recycling carts. The new fee is necessary to allow the Department to restock the supply of trash carts used in twice-a-week collection neighborhoods and recycling carts used citywide. DPW will continue to charge $62.50 for Supercans, the trash containers used in once-a-week collection neighborhoods.

DPW is unable to continue providing a free Supercan to new homeowners. Seniors will be required to pay the full amount for a Supercan ($62.50).

“Demand for the 32-gallon carts outstripped our ability to replenish our inventory and stay within our budget,” said DPW Director William O. Howland, Jr. “During the previous administration, we met our budget mark for FY 2011 by eliminating $3.9 million, which included funds to replace trash and recycling containers.

“We could restore only $200,000 of that amount to purchase containers to meet the demand. No more funds are available for additional purchases.” This amount covers container requests that already are on hand.

Mr. Howland noted that requests for either of the 32-gallon containers made by midnight, Sunday, April 24, will be provided at no charge. “We also will honor senior citizens’ and new homeowners’ requests for a Supercan made before Monday, April 25.”

Requests for the containers may be made by calling 311 or placed through the DPW Web site – www.dpw.dc.gov. Residents may pay for their containers by check or money order, made payable to the “DC Treasurer,” and the address where the container is to be delivered should be written on the payment. Payments should be mailed to DPW,2750 S. Capitol St., SW,WDC20032. DPW advises residents that payment should be received within 10 business days of placing the request; otherwise, the request will not be filled. When that occurs, the resident should place a new request. Containers will be delivered within 10 business days after receiving payment. Once the container is delivered, residents should put their address on the side and top and record the container’s serial number to help deter theft and assist in identifying the container if it does go missing.

Kevin B. Twine

Staff Assistant

Department of Public Works

Office of the Director

2000 14th St., NW

6th Floor

Washington, DC 20009


(202) 671-2593

(202) 673-6833

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