Proposed New Boundaries for MPD


 Metropolitan Police has released the new proposed PSA boundaries for the 5th District. I have reached to Commissioner Thomas and Commissioner Pinkney to hold a joint community meeting for us to discuss this realignment and the impact it may have to our neighborhoods.

From the meeting, we will compile a list of comments from that meeting and submit them to Commander Andy Soldberg of the 5th District and Chief of Police, Cathy Lanier.

I will notify you of the meeting date and time and how to submit your comments in the event you are unable to attend the meeting. I may also reach out to some of you for assistance in distributing meeting notices to ensure all of our neighbors are informed.


 Geovani A. Bonilla

Bates Area Civic Association  

3 thoughts on “Proposed New Boundaries for MPD

  1. I can only imagine that we would have more presence and attention in such a scenerio. The BACA area would have what would amoun to a dedicated group of people… The fly in the ointment is obviously re-districting next year…

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