2 Large Projects and A Lot More Discussed at May 2nd Bates Area Civic Association Meeting

A United Community Can Create Change

WOW… Some AMAZING projects are in development in our neighborhood. Two of those projects were discussed at tonight’s BACA meeting. Council Member Harry Thomas stopped by and provided us an update and great news on the Small Area Plan. Council Chair, Kwame Brown’s office was represented by his Director of Constituent Services, Charles Mason. Commissioner Bradley Thomas gave us an update on the work he has been doing on behalf of our community.


Casey Trees

Ms. Carol Herwig from Casey Trees informed us of different tree planting programs available to our community. One program has a tree planted in your yard for $50 (this includes the tree and the plating).  Another program provides free trees for groups of 10 or more people that would like to plant trees, this is designed as a community plating program. Would you like to organize one in our community? Please let me know if you do. The 3rd program is a $50 rebate if you planted a qualifying tree.

M.M. Washington School Redevelopment

Mr. Will Reagan and architects charged with the redevelopment of the M.M. Washington building into a senior housing project provided and overview. The new building will divide the existing gymnasium into two separate buildings, which will allow for the wall of the original exterior wall of the building that was built in 1912 to be exposed and restored. The development will also include a community center that is over 5,000 square feet and seats 500 people. Construction is scheduled to start in late 2011. Click on the link to read the Most Frequently Asked Questions about this project.  Frequenty Asked Questions – M.M. Washington

Dunbar High School Construction

The construction of the newDunbarHigh School will begin in November of 2011 on the grounds that currently occupy the football field. The new building will be on First and N ST NW. Students will continue to attend school at the existing building. New school is scheduled to be finished July of 2013. The existing school will be demolished in 2014. The new school will have a media center and swimming pool. Currently there are plans but no funding for an underground parking garage at the new building. The architects will be invited to a future meeting to discuss the actual design and plans of the building.

Council Member Harry Thomas Update

The Council Member took time out of his schedule and numerous meetings to update our community on some key initiatives and to answer community questions. In addition to an overview of key legislations, the Council Member also provided insight intoDunbar’s development. The Council Member would like to see the community to have access to the swimming pool and track at the school. The designation ofN. Capitol StreetandRhode Islandas Great Streets will also have economic development impact on our area. The Council Member also informed us that the funds to conduct a Small Area Plan for our neighborhood will be available. The Ward 5 Planner, Deborah Crain-Kremp will begin having community meetings in the summer and select a hire a consultant to do the Small Area Plan in the fall. The Council Member will also work with BACA and Commissioner Thomas on expediting the delayed renovations of theFlorida and First STPark.

Area Neighborhood Commissioner Bradley Thomas provided a written report. This report will be available electronically.

BACA Programs

Bates Area Civic Association will be hosting a 4th of July neighborhood party for our residents at theMcKinleyTechnologyHigh School. This campus is onT ST NE just offN. Capitol Street. It’s place up on the hill provides an incredible view of the fire works. We need volunteers to help us organize the best neighborhood party EVER!!

Flower Power 2011. We have 2 volunteers to help us organize our annual garden competition and reception. Proceeds from this event plus other BACA funds will be used to purchase large flower pots (like the ones onN. Capitol ST) to place throughout our community.

 National Night Out Block Party and Celebration. Please Help Organize National Night Out; a yearly event that brings crime awareness to communities nationwide. A neighborhood block party with MPD and surrounding communities and business needs to be organized. A budget needs to be developed for food, activities and other events. Coordinate with MPD to bring different types of vehicles, SWAT car, fire trucks, helicopter and other equipment.

North Capitol Main Street

Save the Date… May 21st. Come get a preview of the new 12 Engine Fire House Restaurant. This will be the spring party to attend this year.

Art Walk – volunteers needed for the annual art walk. There will be 2 concert stages, art works displayed throughoutFirst ST NWand other parts of the neighborhood.

To participate on any of these projects or if you have suggestions for topics and speakers for upcoming BACA meetings, please send me an email at gbonilla@hospicemanagement.com


Geovani A. Bonilla

President, Bates Area Civic Association

Architectural Plan for M.M. WashingtonA United Community Can Create ChangeA United Community Can Create Change
CM Thomas provided community update and takes questions

One thought on “2 Large Projects and A Lot More Discussed at May 2nd Bates Area Civic Association Meeting

  1. When it comes to the Dunbar High School Construction, there are a couple of things to think about (from my view):

    Tell you local elected offical to support the funding for the parking garage.
    How are all of those trucks hauling the materials for the new school through the Bates Area? How are they going to haul all of the old concrete out of our neighborhood? I am not looking forward to the new potholes. More importantly, I want to see how the consturction site will be kept secure. Sites like this can be incubators for crime.

    I also want to know how many construction jobs go to residents of Wards 2, 5, and 6 since they are adjoin the school.

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