Important Meetings Notices Impacting Our Community

Dear Neighbors,

 I trust all of you had a safe and great 4th of July weekend. This week, there are some key meetings and hearings that have a tremendous impact on our area. Below are the key days/dates and meetings scheduled, most of which I will be attending to represent our community.

 Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Special 5C ANC meeting. I attended this meeting to request a letter of support from the ANC for the North Capitol Main Street Art Walk and to be informed of the development proposed for 1600 North Capitol Main St. NW.  The NCMS Art Walk will take place on Saturday, August 6th. The investor and owner of the property at 1600 N. Capitol Street is asking for a year extension on the plan under development to turn this property into a 100 residential unit building with 5,000 sq. feet of commercial space.

 Volunteers are needed for the Art Walk. Please contact me to find out how you may become involved.

 Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

12pm, Council Judiciary Committee Hearing on PSA Realignment. At 12pm, the Judiciary Committee will hold a public hearing on the matter of Chief Lanier’s proposed realignment of the Police Service Areas. I will be testifying in support of Chief Lanier’s plan and of the proposed new boundaries for PSA 501.

 4pm, National Night Out Planning Committee Meeting. At 4pm, I will meet with 5th District Police Community Liaison, Mayor’s Liaison, Commissioners Thomas and Pinkney and other members of the NNO Planning Committee to plan the Tuesday, August 2nd event that will take place in our community.  This year, BACA and Hanover Civic Associations will play host to the city’s kick off event, hosting the Mayor, Chief of Police and Dignitaries for the 2011 National Night Out festivities.

 7pm, North Capitol Main Street’s Economic and Reorganization Committee Meeting. I will be participating on this meeting to represent our community and our interests and need for economic development for our area.

 Volunteers for National Night Out are needed, please contact me for further information. We also need more members from our community to serve and work with NCMS.

 Thursday, July 7th, 2011

9:30 AM, ABRA Public Hearing on Liquor License Application for Capitol Food Mart. I had originally planned to testify against the license application when the hearing was scheduled for June of 2011. I will not be able to testify at this hearing. I have submitted the BACA Resolution opposing this liquor license instead.

 7pm, Neighborhood Safety Walk. In July and August of 2010, we experienced a spike in assaults with deadly weapons, force and violence. As a united community, being vigil, being out around our community in numbers and groups helps curb down crime. Join us a the corner of P and First St. NW for our neighborhood walks.


Geovani A. Bonilla


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