80% of Crimes Can Be Prevented by YOU!!!

Bates Area Civic Association hosted the 5th District Crime Watch Block Captain Training. Ms. Samantha Nolan, At-Large Member Chief’s Executive Citizen Advisory Council & Renown Neighborhood Watch Trainer of the Second District facilitated the training.

 The training focused on teaching our community members on how to prevent “crimes of opportunity”. Statistics show that 80% of crime are preventable by taking a few safety measures. The techniques shared are essential to prevent some of the crimes we experience in our area such as: thefts from auto and burglary.

 Ms. Nolan also provided a basic infrastructure to start a neighborhood crime watch and prevention program. The Block Captain Program is something Ms. Nolen has implemented in the 2nd District with over 244 Block Captains. Block Captains are needed for our area. Wish to be one?

 Kathy Henderson also provided an overview of the 5th District Court Watch Program. Ms. Henderson explained how to track pending court cases and how to submit a confidential community impact statement that may impact the sentencing on a case.

 Over 30 people from around the 5th District, most from our community attended the training. Thank you all that attended to learn how not be become a victim of crime.

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