Summer vacation–watch your house

Dear Neighbors, please see the message from Commander Solberg below. If you did not attend the Crime Watch Training at the last BACA meeting you missed some great tips that were provided. Some of those tips include:

  1. Let a neighbor know you are on vacation and how long you will be gone for. This way this neighbor will know to call police if they see activity in your home.
  2. Don’t leave your front lights on during the day. Get a timer so that your outside lights come on only at night. Lights on during the day and night lets thieves know you’re not home to turn them off during the day.
  3. Stop newspaper deliver. Newspapers piled up at your door is a sign you are not home.
  4. Stop mail delivery or ask a neighbor to check your mail. Even if you stop the mail, you may still get those annoying flyers, food menus and other things left at your fence, gate or mailbox. Not picking up the junk mail lets people know you are not home.
  5. Ask a neighbor to check to see if UPS or Fed Ex leave delivery notices on your door or packages at your door. Ask your neighbor to hold those for you.

Have a safe summer.

Geovani A. Bonilla

Bates Area Civic Association


From: [] On Behalf Of Solberg, Andrew (MPD)
Sent: Friday, July 15, 2011 9:27 AM
To: Fifth District (
Cc: Wright Jr., Ronald J.(MPD); Roch, Roger (MPD); Bernat, Edward (MPD); Hughes, Corinne (MPD); Janifer, Patricia (MPD); Haselden, Timothy (MPD); Durand, Gary (MPD); Grogan, Brian (MPD); Brown, Jeff (MPD); Aurigemma, Daniel (MPD); Griffin, Randy (MPD)
Subject: [MPD-5D] Summer vacation–watch your house


As many residents leave for summer vacations, the Fifth District will be instituting a program where you can call or email us to let us know if you will be away from DC during a vacation.

If you provide us the dates you will be away and provide us a local contact person, we will have our officers ride by your home when possible to keep an eye on things.

This is not a guarantee of any sort, but we will compile a list of homes and try to check on them as often as we can.

Please email your PSA lieutenant, or me, or call 698-0111 during business hours, with your request.

Obviously, we tell you not to send us this information on any group-wide email.

Your PSA lieutenants are:

501Lts. Ron Wright and Roger Roch

502Lt. Ed Bernat

503Lt. Corinne Hughes

504Lts. Patricia Janifer and Tim Haselden

505Lt. Gary Durand.

Their emails are included above.

Thank you,

Andy Solberg

Commander, 5D

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