Help Me Get DDOT Moving – Email DDOT Director Until He Can’t Take it Anymore

Dear Neighbors, for over a year and since Lamar Greene was our Police Commander and Fenty was Mayor, I have been working on trying to get DDOT to address the intersection of New York Avenue and First St. NW. This intersection is always blocked by the incoming traffic from Maryland and First St. traffic back up to Children’s Hospital.

 I am asking for your assistance email DDOT Director, Terry Bellamy at as well as Council Member Harry Thomas at HThomas@DCCOUNCIL.US. I assure you if 50 – 75 of us email requesting action, we may see some. There is strength in numbers.

 Thank you in advance.

 Geovani A. Bonilla

Bates Area Civic Association


From: Geovani A Bonilla []
Saturday, July 16, 2011 10:41 PM
‘Bellamy, Terry (DDOT)’; ‘Lanier, Cathy (MPD)’; ‘Davidson, Travis (DDOT)’; ‘Burney, JamesG G. (DDOT)’; ‘Rhones, Aaron (DDOT)’
‘’; ‘lhoward@DCCOUNCIL.US’; ‘’; ‘Thomas, Harry (COUNCIL)’; ‘John T. Salatti’; Sylvia Pinkney (; ‘Thomas, Carl D. (EOM)’; ‘Solberg, Andrew (MPD)’
RE: Do Not Block Box Camera Reques at First ST NW and New York Avenue


Dear Commissioners Pinkney, Thomas and Solatti,

 Given DDOTs lack of follow up on this critical traffic matter, I ask that the ANC 5C request the presence of DDOT to address the traffic congestion being caused by inbound NY Avenue traffic at the intersection of First St NW.  With First St NW being used as an alternative to N Capitol St, the traffic now backs up on First St from Children’s Hospital to New York Avenue from the hours of 7:30am – 9 am.

 The pending construction of DunbarHigh School and the repairs on New York Avenue are just adding to this problem. Chief Lanier has the discretion to request a traffic enforcement camera at this intersection to ticket those that block the intersection. There are doable and affordable solutions to address this problem, we just seem to be stuck with all the bureaucracy our tax dollars fund.

 Commissioners, please add this issue to an upcoming ANC meeting.


 Geovani A. Bonilla

Bates Area Civic Association

From: Bellamy, Terry (DDOT) []
Monday, February 21, 2011 9:49 AM
Greene, Lamar (MPD); ‘’; Lanier, Cathy (MPD); Davidson, Travis (DDOT); Burney, JamesG G. (DDOT); Rhones, Aaron (DDOT)
‘’; ‘lhoward@DCCOUNCIL.US’; ‘’
RE: Do Not Block Box Camera Reques at First ST NW and New York Avenue


Thanks, I have forward to our Transportation Operations Team to investigate and to provide feedback on posting of additional signs.  Thanks 


Terry Bellamy

Deputy Director, Operations (Interim Director)│Desk (202) 671-4097│ │

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From: Greene, Lamar (MPD)
Saturday, February 19, 2011 1:27 PM
‘’; Lanier, Cathy (MPD)
Bellamy, Terry (DDOT); ‘’; ‘lhoward@DCCOUNCIL.US’; ‘’
Re: Do Not Block Box Camera Reques at First ST NW and New York Avenue


I will team up with the first district to conduct enforcement, if DDOT could look at the do not block crosswalk signs that are posted in the middle of the street on the double yellow line that may increase awareness as well or maybe they have some other devices that could warn motorist to not block the intersections
Commander Lamar D. Greene

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  From: Geovani A Bonilla <>
: Greene, Lamar (MPD); Lanier, Cathy (MPD)
: Bellamy, Terry (DDOT); Bradley Thomas <>; Howard, Jr., Leonard (Council) <lhoward@DCCOUNCIL.US>; Geovani Bonilla <>
: Sat Feb 19 12:58:50 2011
: Do Not Block Box Camera Reques at First ST NW and New York Avenue

Chief Lanier and Commander Greene – first of all – great job at the 11th Annual Metropolitan Police Awards and thank you for hosting it in Ward 5.

 Also, during our ANC meeting, a DDOT representative informed us that MPD must make a request for speed and do not block box cameras. For years, we have been brining to DDOT and MPD our concerns regarding the safety and gridlock that the incoming New York Avenue traffic causes at the intersection of P ST NW and First ST. As more and more commuters use First ST as an alternative to N. Capitol Street, this intersection at New York Avenue is becoming more of a safety hazard.

 First ST south bound traffic gets backed up from New York Avenue to Florida Avenue and R ST NW because the inbound New York Avenue traffic blocks the intersection. The pedestrian crosswalks are blocked as well, forcing pedestrian and wheel chairs to have to go onto the street and middle of the intersection to cross this street. Pedestrian includes children going to CAPS Elementary as well to the Perry School Community Center Day Care. I am enclosing a few photos so that you may appreciate the severity of this problem.

 Periodically, MPD does have an officer helping with traffic but as Commander Greene has informed us, those resources are not readily available or can be maintained. I trust it will not take a tragic death for our request and solution to this matter to be addressed.


 Geovani A. Bonilla

Bates Area Civic Association

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