200 b/of Bates: Attempted forced entry

See this message from a resident on the 200 block of Bates Street NW:

At around 11pm, Tuesday night, August 16, my housemate was returning home on the 200 block of Bates Street NW. Just as she was about to unlock the front door, a man in his early 20s rushed up the steps after her. He said that he `needed help` and attempted to push himself into the house with her. My housemate screamed and pushed him, and also (instinctively) informed him that there were others home, at which point he turned and left. He didn’t carry weapons or attempt to take anything from her, just tried to get in the house.

I just want to encourage everyone to continue being vigilant. In spite of the improvements, we still live in a transitional neighborhood.

2 thoughts on “200 b/of Bates: Attempted forced entry

  1. I’m really sorry this happened to this Bates St. resident. Please be as vigilant as possible. We live in a city and these things do happen all over the city.

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