More on 9th Street’s “Seasonal Pantry” eatery

Last week I posted about new eats in Shaw.  I was a roving blogger, posting from my cell phone. I finally got a chance to sit down and look at what Seasonal Pantry is all about.

The eatery describes itself as offering a product line that is:

“A tribute to roadside farm stands and old-fashioned markets. It’s a neighborhood store offering all sorts of house-made small-batch products, specialty foods, and local and imported goods. Think of us as a cross between an old-world butcher, an Italian pasta shop, and a family grocery.” 

Founded by Ali Bagheri and Daniel O’Brien, Seasonal Pantry already has a loyal following through a variety of food of the month clubs, such as soup of the month, sausage of the month, and ice cream of the month clubs.

Check out the web page and look at the Supper Club, which through Sept and October hosts weekend gatherings of up to 12 people (get to know some strangers!) with pre-set menus.

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