Urban Turf`s profile of Bloomingdale

Boundary Stone (courtesy Urban Turf)

Urban Turf blog has produced a profile of Bloomingdale, which I thought that the Bates area residents might like to read.  I have copied in the first two paragraphs for you.  Click on the urbanturf.com link to read the entire post and to see the assorted images from around Bloomingdale.

Bloomingdale: Where (Almost) Everyone Knows Your Name
December 9, 2011
by Shilpi Paul

It is no secret that within the past several years, Bloomingdale has seen its potential realized. In the neighborhood adjacent to LeDroit Park, fixer-uppers have been renovated, basement apartments rented and the neighborhood now meets the “five minute rule”: residents can find almost everything they need within a five minute walk.

 Unlike Logan Circle or Columbia Heights, where residents have dozens of restaurant, bar, coffee and shopping options, Bloomingdale has one neighborhood square (at R and 1st Street NW), a couple taverns (Boundary Stone and Rustik), and two coffee shops/cafes (Big Bear Cafe and Windows Cafe). These limited options mean that residents bump into each other frequently, creating a familiarity not seen in busier DC enclaves. And outsiders are noticeable.

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