Wine bar proposal for 3rd and Florida Ave NW

Hey all,  As discussed at Monday’s BACA meeting there’s in the works a Wine Bar to be called Snitch Eye proposed at 3rd and Florida Ave NW.  I’m reading about it everywhere:  at Mari’s In Shaw blog, Prince of Petworth, on Snitch Eye’s Facebook Page and on the BACA Facebook Group page  (Note: you can see the Snitch Eye page without a facebook account, but not the BACA group page.)  Looks like they don’t have DCGOV permitting done yet, so that is always the sticking point for new establishments.  But I like that they’re reaching out to the community, fast and early.  I’m fairly sure that just like the Bloomingdale establishments that have opened of late, there’s pent-up demand that will pack the house once this place opens its doors.

7 thoughts on “Wine bar proposal for 3rd and Florida Ave NW

    1. Greetings,

      Until this notice I was not aware of a new establishment at 3rd and Florida. The owners of this entitiy have not communicated in any way with me. Further, I have not recieved any official notification about this establishment from ABBRA, HPRB, BZA or DCRA. Therefore, at this time I have no position on this establishment. Additionally, 3rd and Florida Ave. is not a part of ANC1B01 my SMD stops at 3rd and Rhode Island Ave.


      Myla Moss

  1. Eric, I don’t know the answer to that, but I just emailed Myla Moss at this email,, which is listed as her official ANC1b email when I googled her. I asked her for a response here. Let’s see if she answers!

  2. All – the BACA Agenda was published on this site and on Facebook. I will be posting the meeting minutes when finalized. The investors at looking at a property on Florida Ave NW that is in ANC 5C01 and in BACA’s boundaries. The lease is not yet signed and the investors are in the negotiation phases. I will post more details this weekend. The process is just begining. Once it is appropriate, our Civic Association will vote on a resultion to support or oppose the project, so far, the support seems to be for it. Thank you. Geovani Bonilla.

  3. It is great to coordinate with a potential business so early in the process. I look forward to additional services and jobs in ANC 5c01 and the Bates Area.

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