411 on BACA Meeting

Bates Area Civic Association Meeting, March 5, 2012

A well attended meeting with over 35 community members plus participation and attendance from:

Council Chair – Kwame Brown and two members of his staff were in attendance. CM Brown spoke about pending legislation, addressed community questions/concerns and offered support for the Civic Association’s Committee for Economic Development.

Ward 5 Mayor’s Liaison – Carl Thomas . Mr. Thomas provided an overview of the budget process for 2013 and of fiscal year 2012.

PSA 501 James Love and Officer Flores. MPD Officers talked about crime statistics and MPD efforts to reduce crime in our area.

5C01 Commissioner Thomas – Commissioner Thomas provided an overview of the constituent requests he has been addressing through different government agencies. Commissioner provided an overview of the upcoming Coalition for Voter Empowerment (COVE) that will be hosted by Bloomingdale, Bates, Eckington and Stronghold Civic Associations.

U.S. Attorneys Office, Ms. Monica Veney  – discussed upcoming events hosted by U.S.A.O and programs that may serve as an outreach tool to prevent juveniles in our community from engaging in crime.

Also in attendance were:

Ms. Dawn Quattlebaum – Director of Ward 5 Aging Services.

Mr. Kenyan McDuffy – Candidate for Ward 5 Council

Gary Teal –  Campaign Manager for Tim Day, Ward 5 Council Candidate

Economic Development Committee Formed:

Commissioner Bradley Thomas

Kyle Thomas

Brian Cognato (who has been doing the local business profiles on the blog)

Laura Hagood

Geovani Bonilla

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