“SnitchEye” Wine Bar falls through at 3rd and Florida

From the PoP:

SnitchEye is the wine bar that was hoping to come to 3rd and Florida Ave, NW. That location fell through but they have narrowed down their location to two finalists and are currently negotiating lease terms.


I wonder what happened? Was the location owner asking for too much rent?

One thought on ““SnitchEye” Wine Bar falls through at 3rd and Florida

  1. Sad and frustrated about this. Wish we could do more about property owners who hold on to buildings that are falling apart and live outside the city. I know of at least 2 properties he owns that have been empty and falling apart for at least the 8 years I have lived in the neighborhood. Recently he has started doing work on them, probably to avoid the higher vacant prop tax rates- but I notice work will be done for a few weeks and then it stops for a few months. Was recently told he doesn’t pay his workers- so they probably start work and when they realize they’re not getting paid peace out. I say we flood the 703 number listed on the building at 3rd and Florida with complaints. Lets get him OUT of our neighborhood. If you can’t afford the properties sell them!

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