BACA July 2013 meeting minutes

Here are the meeting minutes for Monday, July 1, 2013.  Enjoy!

7:00 PM – 7:05 PM

I. Meeting Called to Order – Geovani A. Bonilla, President

II. Review of Last Meeting Minutes – Christa Fields, Secretary

III. Treasurer’s Report – Kyle Thomas: current balance $3,326.46

–    Flower Power 2013 had net profit $517.99 (plus $40 donated by Mt. Sinai Baptist Church at end of meeting), total cash in from sales and donations was $760.05, less costs for reception of $242.06, plus in kind donations for reception and prizes

–    added 2 new dues paying members for 52 total

–    Per Geo – BACA officers will discuss possible projects for use of Flower Power funds over next month since there is no BACA meeting in August


IV. Introduction of Guest Speakers – David Hall, Vice President

a.  7:05pm – 5th District MPD – Community Safety: Officers Wilson and Akuko

–    update on shootings on Q/Bates? Still being investigated so no outcome yet, they themselves have been on Q St more since then, paying attention to dice games also

–    July 4th fireworks – flyer was handed out by neighbors re party and fireworks, no permits were issued to go into JF Cook, there was meeting about getting permit for block party recently but that wasn’t passed, should be a lot of officers available that day

b. 7:11pm – Jon Mandel with CM McDuffie’s office, see flyer with highlights, CONTACT 202-478-2457

–    recently had well attended public safety summit including court services and agencies, website has one-year report

–    introduced bill last week to show DC median income vs area’s median income (DC/MD/VA is much higher) to have more meaningful statistic for affordable housing

–    also introduced bill re air quality and how DDOE can enforce rules for businesses to address sanitation and other problems, Ward 5 has 70% of industrial land in DC; also working on getting more entertainment options such as theaters for resident parties, etc.

–    no update on JF Cook School, there will be no hearing before upcoming recess

–    received complaints from S.O.M.E. about sale of K2 at markets and corner stores, it is illegal so can notify MPD and stores can either turn it over or huge fine will be imposed

–    question re what can we do to make sure some of $5 mil allocated for Great Streets Project will stay on North Capitol etc? Dep’t of Small Local Business Development (DSLBD) is in charge of it and is very helpful, main contact is Christina Atkins; North Capitol Main Street is important for that too and Geo is on Board

–    want to organize walkthrough possibly in September, recommend for us to collect specific info as to issues that need to be addressed; Geo requested to involve DCRA, DPW, DOH, Dunbar people for when they demolish old building to make sure they fumigate beforehand; they’ve had good response from DOH’s rat abatement program

–    question re funds for railings for tree boxes, noted those are available

–    this Sunday, July 7, is Ward 5 day at the ballpark but CM McDuffie’s office is out of tickets for this event, will be another in the future, if have requested tickets already can pick up at Flip It at 1544 RI Ave NE on Saturday or at Wilson Building Mon-Wed 9-5

b. 7:28pm Ms. Theresa Hutton from MedStar Family Choice, see brochures

–    this is new entity under MedStar Health, one of 3 companies authorized to represent for Medicaid in DC; they do managed care aspect for diabetes management, case management, provide transportation, etc; they do not directly provide services

–    looking for partnerships e.g. faith based or civic associations

–    question re is there component that would help S.O.M.E. and other social agencies in area including homeless get more info? They already have contacts with some of them

c. 7:32pm General Community Announcements

–    Geo update re Mundo Verde: will have formal Council hearing after summer recess, in September BACA will have vote on formal resolution for whether to support it; they had community day few weeks ago and there are some pictures on Facebook/website

–    Kristin Scotchmer re Mundo Verde:

  • they will serve up to 5th grade, have long waitlist, they met all their targets but not Tier 1 yet because don’t have children of age group for testing yet
  • is lottery system and kids come from all over DC, about 15% are in Ward 5 and 15% within walking distance, will have more openings next year if get to be in bigger building, need to do addition of about 10,000 sq. ft. to accommodate expected children and would be on Eastern side of building, anticipate making it similar size of row houses
  • anticipated opening date would be August next year at latest, need Council to vote in favor before can break ground
  • question re Saturday classes for Spanish for local children? Yes they’re still considering it, also thinking about having commercial kitchen and would like to be able to use for community as well, also planning on having auditorium be available for community use

–    Geo re Small Area Plan (SAP): last Saturday was walk-through with Office of Planning, phase 1 has been completed so now Office of Planning will collect info and make recommendations to Deputy Mayor and agencies involved including DDoT, those will be made open to public for comments and that will be phase 2

–    question re are we going to be able to use swimming pool at new Dunbar as promised, have heard rumors that high school principal is against community use so is that true? Comm’r Robinson Paul and some residents have been attending public meetings on Wednesdays in addition to tours, Geo will post next scheduled meeting on website

d. 7:43pm Comm’r Joyce Robinson Paul  Community Updates

–    re Dunbar:

  • went on tour 3 weeks ago, it will be opening this school year, there will be week-long opening celebration 8/19-8/23/13, encouraged to participate in planning and events
  • at one meeting project manager kept saying “IF” community is allowed to use pool, theater, basketball court, and auditorium; so she plans to meet with DPR and other agencies to address the “IF” part, they are now installing safeguards to let community get in without having access to non-communal areas
  • at last tour they had Chief of Police and agencies to make sure building would be secure for children e.g. windows won’t shatter if there is accident, they’re currently opening 1st Street side to have road go to 3rd Street to allow access to emergency vehicles, Chief of Police was also worried about entrances not being sufficient to handle load of students
  • will be LEED certified, first building in nation to have so many efficient aspects
  • there will be community space and DPR is looking at funds for smooth transition

–    re Ward 5 Nationals night out on July 7th, please make sure At Large Councilmembers are providing tickets (and parking pass) as well such as Anita Bonds or others

–    see pamphlet for summer programs at DPR, also see flyer for graphic re purposes and contacts for main DC agencies

–     see 2013 DC Neighborhood Profile booklet – currently not all projects in Ward 5 are listed and she has requested them to be included in the 2014 profile booklet

–    talk to seniors about available programs, see flyer re Kibar Senior Center

–    she is involved in Free DC in support of Statehood for DC, they’re doing surveys on National Mall on July 3rd and 4th to see how people from elsewhere feel about it, please become involved, see flyer for contact info

–   currently having basketball tournaments at Florida Ave Park and at NY Ave Park (Metro Ball) – about 500 youth per week at NY Ave Park, they can end up with college scholarships, they have cooling center in building to help with high temperatures, if want to use that building or fields for event just need to get permit

–    question re what are you doing as leader about dysfunctional 911 system of getting recordings and no response or long wait periods throughout city? She asked about this at CM McDuffie’s public safety meeting e.g. with shooting/ wounded teen on Bates St, was told system was overwhelmed, agrees needs to be better and quicker response, she talked with mayor about it, they investigated and found that avg response is 36 minutes which is too long, discussed whether problem is that people are instructed by police to call 911 for anything and not just for actual emergency, she will continue to work on this

–    question re when is next tour at Dunbar? Every other Wednesday, call Smoot Gilbane and will set it up otherwise during day or evening for 3-4 people, she will put on website

–    resident noted that we are dependent on ANC Commissioners to make sure we have access to Dunbar facilities, appreciates their efforts and please continue

–    will have meeting July 9th at NY Ave Playground about weeds at Hanover and N. Capitol

e.  8:08pm Comm’r Teri Janine Quinn – Community Updates

–     ANCs will not be meeting in July or August, next meeting will be at different location

–     question re this ANC seems to be very dysfunctional and inefficient this year, she will pass on feedback and noted that can probably cut out some time

–     Verizon Fios is coming to area – south Bloomingdale will have it in next month so, should be expanding to Bates area as well so keep eyes out for more info

–     had recent conversation with elderly resident of Florida Ave about bicyclists riding up behind her and startling her, recommends working with bikers and pedestrians as well as drivers to make safe for all, she will find out what boundaries are for legal riding on sidewalks, suggestion from audience to encourage more bike paths as part of SAP, noted that seniors may not be able to attend SAP meetings so need to represent them

–     re DC Water work on 4th St and Florida Ave, it appears there was no prior notice to residents about parking and traffic issues, seems like DC Water discussed with ANC 5C during transitional period to 5E and never followed up with neighborhood associations

–     re residential parking permits (RPP), unit and 100 blocks of R St NW now say “resident only,” discussed different types of permits, must have general RPP before can get more restrictive permit, DDoT website has petition, need signatures of 50% of residents on block, first should present to ANC to get support (not required but recommended), suggested to address permits as whole neighborhood not by block

–    there was hearing on McMillan re whether land should be surplused i.e. released from gov’t ownership, was heavily attended, testimony was mostly from Bloomingdale or surrounding communities and was overwhelmingly against surplusing the land, shouldn’t have anything from ANC about this before September

–    re public safety, Sunday two weeks ago person was mugged and badly beaten while walking home from restaurant at 1st and R during middle of day, person refused to report to police or seek treatment, be aware and please call police because is important to report even if do so anonymously

–    re traffic next week will be huge convention of Delta Sigma Theta at Verizon Center and Convention Center, probably around 80,000 people so traffic will likely be horrible around Florida Ave from 4th to 7th Street and around Howard University

–    question re upcoming sewage project on 1st Street from McMillan down to Rhode Island Ave, will be down to one-lane and one-way traffic so watch out, should start in January

V. 8:35pm Flower Power – Christa Fields and committee: winners announced and prizes drawn, over $400 worth of prizes from local businesses, 3 winners present, prizes were randomly drawn for others, will be posted on website and contacted to claim prizes

VI.8:47pm Adjourned

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