BACA meeting minutes – June 2013 (full minutes)

Here are the full meeting minutes from the June 2013 BACA meeting (see also the prior posting about time-sensitive matters), in preparation for the July 2013 meeting tonight.  Sorry for the delay….

Monday, June 3, 2013

Meeting Minutes

7 PM, Mt. Sinai Church, 3rd and Q ST NW

 7:00 PM – 7:05 PM

I. Meeting Called to Order – David Hall, Vice President

II. Review of Last Meeting Minutes – Christa Fields, Secretary

III. Treasurer’s Report – Kyle Thomas: 2 new members, $2,610.53 balance, 50 dues paying members

IV. Introduction of Guest Speakers – Geovani Bonilla, President

a. 7:05pm Geovani Bonilla: Update on Small Area Plan (SAP), brief summary of what it covers and purpose, activities include neighborhood walks with agency partners, getting community input and will give recommendations to Office of Planning and DDoT


b. 7:10pm Michele Molotsky, Analyst, MPD – discussion of regulations regarding trucks through residential areas, enforcement and community engagement. CONTACT: 202-270-3187,

–       works for automated enforcement unit (red light and stop light cameras), has helped to reduced fatalities, DC has much higher pedestrian fatality rate than national average

–       new enforcements are coming including crosswalks, stop signs, gridlock, intersection speed, over-weight and over-height vehicles (see also website)

–       right now have pilot program in Brookland at 1200 Taylor NE to collect data

–       question re P Street and rerouting of buses etc from N. Capitol due to Wendy’s traffic, worried about light timing and rejection of request for speed tables on unit block of P

–       question re unit block of Q Street charter buses parking due to Valero renting parking lot, working with Officer Beech on enforcement

–       will have 8 cameras for automated enforcement for trucks and buses that are portable but large, will take info back re above for when get more cameras or possibly moving pilot one

–       question re gridlock at NY Ave and 1st up to Rhode Island in mornings and at 3pm (hospital shift change), have new signs re gridlock but not enforced so still a problem, SAP is considering changing flow of NJ Ave because it currently doesn’t carry as much as possible

–       also huge gridlock at Florida and Q even though pedestrian crosswalk, Officer Sandula says she tries to direct traffic voluntarily and it is a big problem

–       question does red light camera capture speed also? Maybe but they don’t currently ticket for that, planning on implementing ticketing for that

–       question are they going to redo intersection at Florida and NY Ave? she doesn’t know because doesn’t work on implementation but they know it’s a huge problem

–       question re 100 block of P buses from CAPCS park and idle for hours, backs up traffic as children get on/off buses? Officer Sandula noted that idling and parking abreast are both illegal, it’s been reported in past and ticketed but still a problem; suggested work with MPD, discussed using school officers but that didn’t work in past because is not a public school


c. 7:25pm Officer Darla Sandula 5th District MPD – Community Safety Update

–       she got email re drug use in alley of Hanover, they need more description and/or phone number, can tell dispatcher want it to be confidential, it’s usually same people along N. Cap and need more description to have probable cause to stop and frisk if have left alley already

–       there was recent burglary on Adams when owners were home around 2:30am, be careful about lower level windows open and close them at night, leave lights on in rear and front

–       be alert while walking, best to not be alone or walk with dog

–       question could other officers get out of cars more (she is on her Segue a lot) to walk around because helps crowds disperse? She agrees that’s good idea, will mention to superiors

–       question re NY Ave basketball tournament beginning June 22nd would like more police officers to get to know youth and families beforehand? She’ll pass it along to Chief Lanier

–       question are the July 4th fireworks stands along N. Cap legal and if not what can we do? It’s legal with a permit, there is enforcement but not feasible to have officer there all the time, she will look into it and try to get some answers re why so many stands and fireworks

–       question re crowd of 300-400 people at JF Cook building last July 4th, MPD and fire trucks came out but just blocked street because crowd too big to disperse? Suggested to work with Councilmember’s office to have site more secure

–       question re alleys of Q and behind 18 Bates still some illegal activity? house is now for sale

–       question re fireworks in alleys? Agrees that’s dangerous and is a police concern when they’re large, noted that police didn’t come out in past, it is legal to use them in alleys and sidewalks, but anything that explodes or goes above the ground at all is illegal

–       not a lot of criminal activity in last few weeks especially in PSA 501

–       comment from 20+ year resident, noted helps to know neighbors personally, told story about how bike was stolen and recovered through direct approach


d. 7:45pm Flower Power update – Christa Fields: discussion of tickets, still need volunteers, current donations and prizes, event on June 15th


e. 7:50pm Geovani Bonilla – upcoming activities: Bloomingdale walk-off, possibly in June with wacky Olympics after at Florida Ave Park? For health and also to increase community visibility


f. 7:53pm Comm’r Joyce Robinson-Paul – Community Updates (see also below)

–       she’s been having monthly SMD meetings, brief summary of prior speakers; next meeting is June 11 at 6:15 and will have artists from 52 O Street to speak

–       she toured new senior citizen feeding center Kibar Nutrition Site at 1519 4th Street in the mosque, available for disabled and 60+ during the day, free food, 202-483-8832

–       new Dunbar is almost complete, tours are given every Wednesday or can do group tour on Saturday for large group, contact John on site, Dunbar is also having meetings for alumni and friends with next one on June 15, will be one of first all green schools

–       Metro Ball is looking for mentors for youths, volunteers are needed

–       question would there be support from ANC for possible basketball project at Florida Ave Park? Sure and she would like to see teams developed and competing, they got fees waived through ANC for use of courts for Metro Ball so could request that, contact her


f. 8:10pm Janita Brown with CM McDuffie’s Office – Community and Business Affairs Coordinator, CONTACT: 202-724-8192, 202-286-8225

–       end-of-year report Tues. June 25th at 6:30 at 10th and Monroe Luke Seymour Academy

–       also Ward 5 night at Nationals stadium free tickets Sunday July 7th at 1:30 pm

–       re North Capitol Main Street need to talk to her to get new officers sworn in, email her


g. 8:12pm Comm’r Teri Janine Quinn – Community Updates (see also below)

–       new business coming to north side of 3rd and Florida Ave NW, currently known as 13th Street Meats and supplies to restaurants etc, this will be their first brick and mortar business, very small with total 12 seats, have applied for ABRA license and ANC voted to support the application, protest date hasn’t passed yet but doesn’t seem to be big issue

–       Sunset Liquors still needs to turn in paperwork for extended Sunday hours, ANC also approved stipulated license to allow them to operate under extended hours about a week after files ABRA application, can still have protest filed which would be valid unless ANC enters into settlement agreement with owner

–       new signs are up on unit block of R for extended hours for limited parking basically to coincide with business hours, should be on 100 block in about 2 weeks, there is 30-day grace period then tickets if don’t have sticker, DDoT says it’s better to do that on neighborhood basis as opposed to block-by-block, simple process, just google DDoT and residential permit parking, there are 3 options and have to get agreement by majority of block residents, usually get letter of support from ANC, last year DDoT discussed making parking permits specific to ANC vs ward but that doesn’t appear to have gone through so far

–       re MacMillan: developers should be at next ANC 5E meeting to request support but they don’t know what for so have requested more info, please pay attention and get involved especially if live along 1st Street, so far sounds like biking will become more of a priority and will be more difficult to get around via car, they keep pushing back the discussion about traffic, she hasn’t heard from many people in 5E06 so please reach out to her

–       Bradley Thomas update re MacMillan: last meeting focused on bylaws and who would have representation on Advisory Group, they initially said Bates wouldn’t have a vote but he successfully argued to allow us a vote due to traffic and possible flooding concerns

–       next McMillan meeting Thurs, June 6th, at All Nations Baptist Church at 6:30 pm

–       receiving lots of concerns from Richardson Place for zoning, 4th Street heavy truck traffic

–       next ANC 5E meeting is Tuesday, June 18th, at 7:00 pm at 116 T Street NE (The Summit)

–       question re how to get unbiased info about MacMillan? DPW website re developers

–       question re status of firehouse on N. Cap? It’s in her area but she hasn’t heard anything directly from them, ownership changed and has operator who will be moving forward, they were at Crispus Attucks Park community day recently and supposed to have American fare, same owner as Shaw’s Tavern and 57 N Street but would have to have other operator

–       question re senior citizens building behind Cook school and development that was supposed to be at corner of Florida Ave and N. Cap? re Florida Ave and N. Capitol is Joe Mammo’s project, they’ve been to Councilmember’s office and asking for another extension and claim will start working by end of year and have secured financing, they did pre-filing notice re change to PUD re number of stories and number of units and amount of commercial space; defers to Comm’r Robinson Paul about other questions


h. 8:35pm Comm’r Joyce Robinson-Paul continued

–       response to question re MM Washington: there are 90 units, they are moving forward with construction etc, still need to work with them re community use and involvement

–       noted would be helpful for ANC to have vote on Mundo Verde and other projects – Geo also noted Mundo Verde previously spoke and will try to do vote/resolution at next meeting

–       comment from resident that Joyce had had vote on Mundo Verde at her last SMD meeting and only one person voted for it so what is other interest? people with new babies or small children would like new bilingual school but others are against it, she wants to negotiate to see what benefits they will provide to community, noted traffic and parking problems could be a problem, discussed that DC laws forbid from promising spots because is lottery

–       resident pointed out that Council keeps opening up buildings for charter schools so at some point we’ll just have to pick one, discussion of difference between CAPCS with problems and other charter schools, out-of-state students coming to CAPCS and isn’t good for neighborhood, suggested to have a separate meeting on charter schools


i. 8:55pm Comm’r Quinn continued

–       applications for rat abatement are available


V. 8:55pm Committee Updates/Announcements


a.    Flower Power – Christa Fields (see above)

b. More event updates – Geovani Bonilla

–       want to start up movies in the Florida Ave park again, need volunteers

–       will also put info about BACA vs. Bloomingdale walk-off on website

–       Nancy Lyons from DPW passed out info about mural on side of Revive building, they are seeking input on design


VI. Standing Invitation

a.      Mayor’s Office

b.      Council Member’s Office (see above)

c.      Council Member at Large Office

d.      Commissioner Joyce Robinson Paul (see above)

e.      Commissioner Teri J. Quinn (see above)


VII. 9:00 pm Adjourned

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