House of Lebanon, affordable senior housing, coming to 27 O St NW

The 07/03/2013 Washington Post provided an article titled “Groups fight to overcome lack of affordable housing in D.C. region” about affordable housing in the DC metropolitan area.

The article is accompanied by a list of affordable housing opportunities.

Where to find affordable homes

Published: July 3

Here is the entry for the House of Lebanon, at the former MM Washington School, 27 O Street NW.

House of Lebanon

Three-story, 82-unit senior citizen rental housing at the historic former M.M. Washington Career High School in Northwest Washington. Redevelopment to be completed in mid-November.

Location: 27 O St. in the Shaw neighborhood.

Notable: The building is to include community center space and environmentally friendly features.

Price: From $484 to $895 for efficiency and from $586 to $1,400 for a two-bedroom apartment for seniors who are income-qualified.

Developer: Mission First Housing Development Corp., UrbanMatters Development Partners and Mount Lebanon Community Development Corp.

This rendering is from the website of Cunningham Quill, architects.



One thought on “House of Lebanon, affordable senior housing, coming to 27 O St NW

  1. Hello, My name is Amelia.
    My daughter will be 1in March and I wanted to throw her a big 1st Birthday party. I wanted to know ,do you rent your community room to outsiders?

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