Minutes from Dec. 2014 BACA meeting (and holiday mixer)

BACA Meeting Minutes – Monday, 12/1/14, Mt. Sinai Baptist Church at 3rd & Q St, NW

7:07 President called to order – David Hall; Secretary review of last minutes – Christa Fields

7:08 Treasurer’s update – Kyle Thomas

  • re 501(c)(3) status – City said status revoked, IRS said approved then revoked; he contacted IRS and 501(c)(3) in effect and in good standing, revocation had been due to not filing 2007-2009 filings but we are current for 2012-2014 and it was prior delinquencies, but 501(c)(3) application cancelled out prior delinquencies with IRS; with City he had not filed required form in May, form was sent to wrong address and he has now submitted that and required fee
  • Balance $3,428 – down $310 for DCRA filing from last month; please pay dues for next year asap; any donations will be tax deductible now due to 501(c)(3) status

7:12-7:37 MPD updates – Officer Sandula and others, including Sgt Gary Nelson (off duty but here), Ltnt Tim Hazel (swapped places with Ltnt Kyle), Officer Nepamashi (? – phonetic)

  • Question re this morning N St and 1600 block shooting of 2 males in lower extremities, still under investigation in 3rd district, ongoing turf situation in Shaw but unsure if related
  • Question re body found in 200 block of Florida – occurred last night, undetermined status but much more investigation needed
  • ANC Robinson-Paul commented re unit block of N and O Street smashing of car windows, advice from her and officer don’t leave anything in car even charger that lights up, theft from property is up
  • Question re muggings at 4th and R and 4th and Q last week – happened in precinct 3D and they came over to our area which is 5th District, so 5th District took complaint, they had lookouts and videotape and were able to make several arrests so hopefully should help with that crime spree
  • Police department does not blame the victim, but criminologists note the “crime triangle” because environment is extremely important such as walking very late at night distracted, lots of crimes occur in areas with poor lighting so considered turning on lights or motions sensors
  • Noted there have been some arrests for package thefts in neighborhood, consider other options besides leaving packages on porch, also don’t put boxes for expensive items out with garbage
  • Question Eckington has reached out about cleaning up area at Florida Ave bus stop where loitering, drug sales, etc has moved since we cleaned up Florida Ave Park – Sgt. Nelson noted just made crime arrest but will take combo of physical changes, social services, and police efforts; discussed that new ANC commissioners should focus on that area for Small Area Plan
  • Thanks to officers for participating in public safety summit
  • 501 stats year-to-date: violent crimes down 14% overall (was also down last year), homicides up from 1 to 2, sex abuse down from 4 to 2, robbery with gun down 46% from 26 to 14, robbery with knife same 2 and 2, other robberies up from 30 to 35, assault with dangerous weapon overall down 17%, property crimes up 22% mostly due to thefts from auto and package thefts
  • Early last week arrested someone who had broken into 10 vehicles that day on Randolph Street, were able to make arrest because neighbor called and was able to identify him; tips for helpful identification to pay attention to footwear because frequently have unique shoes

7:37-7:42 ANC Commissioner Joyce Robinson Paul

  • Had November meeting, last meeting for this year is 3rd Tuesday of December; will also have holiday party Thursday, December 11
  • There will be three different viewings for Marion Berry’s passing later this week
  • Small business economic development summit is coming up Friday, December 12
  • Tommy Wells is having 8th annual livable/walkable awards
  • At last ANC meeting voted to support Uncle Chip’s outdoor area and liquor license
  • Anita Bonds did year-end newsletter that you may have received in mail or also online
  • BACA president noted new ANC Commissioner elect is Bradley Thomas, thanks to Ms. Robinson-Paul for her service in last 2 years

7:43-8:02 ANC Commissioner Teri Janine Quinn

  • Re business that was picking up homeless people and taking them to do evictions, she was unable to find answer through US Marshall’s office as previously thought, companies are hired directly by landlords so she’s still working on determining responsible party; resident contacted people who brought prior suit and will still follow-up, also she hasn’t seen people being picked up in past few weeks so may have moved somewhere else
  • Re synthetic marijuana at electronics store huge success: Attorney General obtained affidavits and was able to file civil suit against them as nuisance property which was successful in the past but no suit has been brought before for synthetic marijuana, she testified and business owner agreed to settlement so will be winding down his business over next 30 days, he can service electronics and not sure about retail but would be in criminal contempt if sell synthetic marijuana, business will be shut down for 6 months then can resume servicing electronics but no retail sales at all, he has agreed to cancel his retail license so would have to reapply, he owns the building and there are some apartments above it but doesn’t have proper license for those
  • Discussion of difference between synthetic marijuana and other types of marijuana, police officer noted have difficulties because set up more to deal with traditional drugs where can do field tests to determine substance vs synthetic substances have to be tested by DEA each time
  • Discussion of DCRA’s alternative ways to go after synthetic drugs such as packaging and pricing
  • Question re construction on Richardson Place – supervisor for illegal construction looked at plans and construction and there were no violations including for occupancy

8:02-8:07 Kate Mitchell from Councilmember McDuffie’s office (legislative council)

  • Only 2 legislative meetings left this term – McMillan surplus and disposition, soccer stadium; also looking to use eminent domain to purchase site of W Street trash transfer station and hope to have DC Water use facility for customer service operations
  • Holiday party is next Thursday December 11
  • ANC Robinson-Paul question what was consensus about McMillan testimony? There was no consensus, lots of people for and against, CM McDuffie and Muriel Bowser voted to move it forward
  • ANC Robinson-Paul noted she got call from Bowser’s office to vote against soccer stadium proposal, Kate noted that Reeves Center was from mayor’s office but is now off the table, go to CM’s website for more info

8:07-8:08 Martin from Mi Casa who did proposal re Florida and Q in November meeting is here to answer any questions, handed out flyers, may have update at next meeting

8:09 President noted next meeting is January 5, thanks to Uncle Chip’s for donating cookies for party tonight

8:09 ADJOURNED – mixer followed

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