National Symphony Orchestra at Mt Sinai Baptist Church — Saturday, 01-10-2015

Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2015 09:47:01 -0500
Subject: NSO at Mount Sinai Church
From: Amanda Abrams

I don’t know if you’re already planning to list this in your email update, but if not, can you add it in? It’s from Mount Sinai Baptist Church on 3rd and Q St. (One of their outreach people asked me to spread the word).

NSO In Your Neighborhood

National Symphony Orchestra at MSBC Jan. 10, 2015

Mark Your Calendar!!! The National Symphony Orchestra (NSO) is coming to MSBC on Saturday, January 10 at 7pm. You along with your friends, family, neighbors are invited to join us for a FREE concert by NSO. Through the “NSO in Your Neighborhood” project, members of the Orchestra break into small ensembles to perform chamber music for various communities throughout the DMV. Please plan to join us for this very special opportunity to hear members of the National Symphony Orchestra. For more information, contact the church at 202.667.1833.

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