BACA Meeting Minutes – Monday, February 2, 2015

I. 7:03 pm Meeting Called to Order – David Hall, President

II. Treasurer’s & Membership Report – (Kyle Thomas, Treasurer, not here; info from president) – similar numbers of about $3,600 balance from last time based on additional new or renewing members

III.  Review of Last Meeting Minutes (very brief) – Christa Fields, Secretary

Community Representatives and Guest Speakers

7:05-7:10 Community Safety Concerns for Metropolitan Police Department (not here)

  • David Hall noted mayor’s office had open house today, he went and noted police commissioner is looking at crime and wanting to get info about responsiveness etc
  • Noted there appeared to be smashed window at 1st and P, no info on that
  • Noted more crime activity going on around Hanover and O Street areas in last month
  • Noted seems to be a lot of intentional waiting but not necessarily loitering on unit block of P – wondering if anything going on there

7:10-7:20 Commissioner Teri J. Quinn

  • She is new Chair of ANC 5E and looking forward to making it more effective with cooperation of commissioners, have a good ANC 5E board this year including Commissioner Bradley Thomas as Vice Chair, Commissioner Hoba is corresponding and recording secretary and has already been doing great job, Commissioner Halliday is treasurer and has done that in other roles in past
  • DCity Smokehouse is looking to move from BACA (Florida and N. Capitol) to Bloomingdale (2nd and Florida) for bigger space – she has meeting later tonight with condo owners to make sure are reasonable hours and capacity of outdoor space for residential neighbors, move probably won’t happen for another year because still under lease and other negotiations ongoing
  • Update on Big Bear: protest of request for 99 people on patio (vs current 39), worked with neighbors to negotiate with business owner to lower increase to 65 without having to go through full ABRA process
  • Has received reports about glass and trash pickup problems in alley of 4th street, and trash problems in our area in general, noted may have something to do resources put toward snow storms
  • New mayor’s team has been very good about reaching out to commissioners to see if streets are cleared after snow, etc
  • Question is Meats and Foods planning outdoor seating? Yes a few tables; may also be another business coming to space next door to them so will probably have more info on that next meeting
  • No new update about electronics store, still working with attorney general but since last meeting have been focused more on major problem of B&J’s at 3rd and Rhode Island dumping sewage in alley
  • She is meeting tomorrow with Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services and Director of Mayor’s Office of Community Affairs because wants to build good relationships as spokesperson for our communities in addition to Councilmember McDuffie’s relationship on our behalf
  • Resolution to support restrictions on pop-ups was submitted by TJ Quinn as ANC, it passed 6-0 with 2 abstentions – Comm’r Thomas says he abstained because he hadn’t heard from BACA members yet

7:21-7:41 Commissioner Bradley A. Thomas

  • With regard to Comm’r Quinn building relationships, he noted that CM McDuffie has obligation to represent entire ward, and sometimes our community interests may differ than rest of ward
  • He received notice on 1/13/15 from Dept of Transportation intent to change traffic patterns: at New Jersey and O St NW will install new signs on 4th street to not allow parking at any time due to obstructed site line, this is actually in Ward 6 on other side of NJ Ave but may affect us – send any comments to DOT within 30 days of 1/13/15 notice (see DOT website for more info)
  • Re construction of addition to Mundo Verde school on unit block of P St – he’s getting feedback from neighbors about problems parking because alley is blocked and not as much parking available on N. Capitol, seems like parents are parking on adjacent streets instead of biking/walking/using public transportation as anticipated, also resident noted that construction workers seem to be parking on unit block of P St also, noted Bates street has people parking and making noise there
  • ANC monthly meetings are 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7pm at Trinity University
  • Comm’r Quinn noted that another commissioner (for Edgewood) had asked if we might want another bikeshare within our two ANC SMD boundaries, possibly at 1st and P, noted ones at NJ and R, NJ and N and on Florida are usually empty so maybe need another one in area
  • Question when ANC votes on something is there ever notification of discussion and what happened? Usually minutes are posted on website although they’re a little behind, other than that commissioners tell us at community association and SMD meetings, also look at blogs, Comm’r Quinn noted that minutes going forward are probably going to be more concise without discussion and just proposal and final vote but are looking into doing audio recording, David Hall may start going and post to BACA blog
  • Also if wanted to make a comment to someone other than commissioner just go on website? yes
  • Question if BACA would like to take position on pop-up resolution (limited time available to do so) – David noted that neighbors haven’t really said anything in favor of or opposition to pop-ups so no reason so far to express BACA opinion, he will ask neighbors if they have an opinion
  • Question about addition to Mundo Verde – will ask Kristen Scotchmer to come to next meeting

 7:41-7:52 Other Community Concerns

  • Noted CAPCS hearing held last week about vote to revoke charter, public comments were allowed for 5 days after hearing, not sure when they’re supposed to make decision, there were lots of people there in support of Mr. Amos and keeping CAPCS open, noted there are many allegations of financial misconduct as discussed at prior BACA meetings; question about what would go in if CAPCS charter gets revoked and noted that city will probably try to get another charter school in there, based on prior discussions BACA members would prefer something other than school such as food or other amenities
  • Question about possible hotel being put in on west side of N. Capitol – no updates
  • Question about possible development at Florida and Q – no new updates
  • Announcements from senior representative Annetta Nicholas – Howard University is doing screening on this Saturday 2/7/15 8am to 3pm for dental cleanings etc, senior center is having people especially women come out for heart health screening, lots of activities coming up in spring, transportation is available for seniors especially for events at Langdon, must be at least 60 years old

 7:52-7:59 Mayor’s Office of Community Relationships – Tommy Jones, email: (he is one of representatives for Ward 5, along with Malik Williams who is not here today)

  • They work with ANC commissioners and will make sure at least one of them is at ANC meetings, try to be at community meetings but feel free to email them at any time, their role is to connect residents of DC with city services, he lives in Ward 5 in Fort Lincoln with his wife who is a Federal gov’t employee
  • Noted mayor had open house today
  • Mayor is having budget engagement forums on 2/19, 2/21, 2/23 to hear from residents about budgetary issues – can sign up to attend at
  • Noted our commissioners have already reached out to them some and they’re working on those items
  • Question will mayor put out something in advance of budget forum with more detail as to her beliefs about budget? He hasn’t heard anything about that and she probably won’t mainly because she is having forums to hear what DC residents want not necessarily to tell them what she’s going to do

 8:01-8:05 Final announcements – David Hall

  • BACA Board will be having meeting in the next few weeks – will put out items of discussion after meeting, want to focus on more involvement by Board members and more committees
  • items include to update website parts other than blog posts, email going to more than just one person such as president and tailor emails such as for meeting info vs events upcoming or deadlines etc
  • feel free to email David if have questions about neighborhood or who to contact to get things done – noted that for a lot of things like picking up bulk items from street can just call/text 311

 8:06 PM Adjourn

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