BACA Meeting Minutes, Monday, March 2, 2015

Location: Mt. Sinai Church, 3rd and Q St NW

I. 7:05 Meeting Called to Order – David Hall, President

II. Review of Last Meeting Minutes – Christa Fields, Secretary

III. Treasurer’s Report (Kyle Thomas, Treasurer, not here, done by David Hall) – currently 20 members, $3,648.51 balance, April 18 will be neighborhood beautification day so will likely spend money on that, same day as Bloomingdale and will likely try to get other neighboring communities to do on same day for ANC grants, reminder re member sign up

Community Representatives

7:10-7:20  Metropolitan Police Department – Community Safety Update/Concerns – Tim Haselden, PSA Lieutenant for 5E –, personal cell 202-255-7782, he’s on duty Sun to Thurs 1p-9p

  • Sorry for missing few meetings, he was in shoot-out on Christmas Eve so was off work for a while and now back but no injuries from that
  • Crime is a bit up but it was way down before, robberies and burglaries/break-ins of houses are up 29% but made some very significant arrests of 4 people doing robberies and car jackings, as well as juvenile who had been doing burglaries in Bloomingdale and another with burglaries along N. Capitol, trying to juvenile certified as adult for trial based on numerous prior arrests
  • We are in boundaries RI to N, FL to S (they meet), and N. Cap to make triangle; NHTSA has data driven program to crime and safety (DDACS) and he is using that to focus on some crime areas
  • Prevention is big part of strategy – may break into car and steal anything visible, take it out if possible
  • He wants to hear any ideas, thoughts, or questions we have so please email or call
  • Any info re shooting last month about 1-2 weeks ago in 100 or 200 block of Q street, towards co-op? Not sure but he will check and get back to us
  • Question re area around Subway on N. Capitol – he has spoken with US Park Police about park area around Florida Ave because they’re responsible for that area, no more specific info about that

7:20-7:23 Council Member Kenyan McDuffie’s Office – Kate Mitchell (committee director) and Weston Dawson (new constituent services coordinator, he is lifelong DC resident and lives off Michigan Ave)

  • About 6 weeks ago CM took over judiciary committee, about 38 Boards and commissions, can assist much better now with fire or safety concerns, right now it is oversight season
  • CM is having meeting with Ward 5 leadership on Thursday with ANCs, community associations, etc

7:23-7:36 Commissioner Bradley A. Thomas

  • ANC 5E is updating its website to make more user friendly and post meetings, are opening position for webmaster with pay of $1,500-1,800/year depending on if includes videotaping meetings
  • He will also be posting notices of meetings at various physical places around area in addition to online
  • As vice chair of ANC 5E one of his duties is to get info to webmaster, let him know if missed something
  • Discussion re inaccurate reporting regarding violence in and around Dunbar HS on Channel 7, WJLA, last week – he communicated with WLJA about inaccuracies and they have now removed story and video from site, WLJA has asked for stories of positive events about school and community
  • He has arranged for SMD meetings which will be at Dunbar in media center
  • He has discount vouchers for circus to allow ticket purchase for $9 each, let him know if want one
  • Status of CAPCS revocation: charter was revoked by Public Charter School Board, solution to avoid displacing students is to allow school to be run by Friendship charter school starting next school year, he has heard that Friendship is run better than CAPCS was, he has asked representative of PCSB to appear at SMD meeting on 3/14 and they have indicated someone will appear, David Hall has also been working on getting someone from Friendship to come speak to BACA directly, Jason Miccolo Johnson says he has knowledge of Friendship and has worked with them in past and thinks they are a well-run school, Kate Mitchell says Deputy Mayor of Education has plan for transition and contact info etc re CAPCS, Comm’r Thomas isn’t aware of any outreach to community before choosing Friendship to take over as school and not sure if they considered other schools, Friendship will be taking over the building in our area but other 2 locations will run by other charter schools
  • Re ownership of CAPCS building – deed seems to say Kent Amos still owns building since purchased it for $900,000 years ago, it isn’t lease like more recent deals with schools
  • No info re when will be taking down fence between Dunbar and CAPCS to allow full access to N Street

7:37-7:47 Ward 5 Liaison, Mayor’s Office – Tommie Jones

  • He will help Comm’r Thomas with getting people to speak at SMD
  • Mayor has concluded her budget engagement series but you can still submit comments or questions to, or just email him directly, she really wants to hear from people directly
  • In coming months mayor will be announcing additional personnel
  • He wants to thank our ANC Comm’rs because are building good relationship with mayor’s office
  • Question re street cleaning, noted has been delayed until 3/9, question will it be delayed again if there is still snow/ice? He’s not sure, first priority right now is to make sure roads are clear
  • Also concerned about getting parking ticket outside of timeframe of ticket and noted that he has gone to court with pictures and they would not look at pictures, please contact him directly and will work with Ward 5 CM’s office too; resident described recent success disputing parking ticket online with pictures so maybe try that option
  • Question re what to do with trash since alleys are still icy/snowy? He will forward info as available from DPW

7:47-7:56 Commissioner Teri J. Quinn

  • Re mattress on unit block of Q – noted that Tommie Jones worked with her and ultimately was responsible for getting it removed, look forward to continuing to work with him
  • Please let your ANC comm’rs know if you were affected by lack of trash/recycling pick up and if/when your trash does actually get picked up so can coordinate with mayor’s office to get corrective action
  • Next ANC meeting is March 17 and back at Trinity College
  • There were movie crews this weekend on 300 block of R St, don’t know what they were filming, she received positive comments from neighbors but also complaint re inconvenience, it seems like permitting process was followed but not sure if they reached out to neighbors in advance
  • DCity Smokehouse is still planning to move to 2nd and Florida Ave, not sure if they’ve filed application for ABRA license yet but they came to Bloomingdale meeting last month and requested support
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon will be in our area next Saturday, may be affected by traffic and/or parking
  • Pepco/Excelon proposed merger proceeding is still going on, comment period has been extended to May, not sure if ANC 5E will take a position on that
  • Re proposed property taxes – pay attention to deadlines if you want to appeal proposed assessment
  • Question did council ever decide on moving forward with any concession for – per Kate Mitchell yes they did but see Office of Tax and Revenue’s website for specifics, which is under CM Bonds
  • David Hall noted someone on Q Street would likely seek variance, Comm’r Quinn noted that she explained to him that process is first to come to civic association then to ANC to request approval

7:57-8:13 Guest Speaker: Kristin Scotchmer – Mundo Verde, update on construction etc

  • Sorry for not coming to meeting since last August, they’ve been very busy with building and school
  • New addition is scheduled for completion in April, likely late April due to weather – 10,000 sq ft addition that they got zoning variation to be able to add it, will be for early education
  • They have dug up asphalt in front and will be putting in garden and 50 trees in coordination with Casey Trees – will have garden build in April and tree planting in mid-May, hoping to have ribbon cutting in May but depends on weather
  • They have been doing outreach for enrollment and special outreach to Ward 5 residents with decent turnout about two weeks ago
  • Question re open house for community – would that coincide with ribbon cutting? Yes maybe or something more intimate with neighbors when is warmer probably
  • Question re parking in that people are parking on blocks around school so please be aware – Please let them know if there is anyone parking illegally or being unsafe; also noted that residents are concerned about more people driving than we anticipated based on discussions prior to approval and construction, she knows 100 families are using bus, maybe more traffic and less are using public transit during winter months and suspect will be doing more bus and bikes, maybe less safe for bikes and they’re not using as much due to construction, they’ve committed to doing more “walking school buses” in future to identify pods of families to travel together on buses etc, their shuttle/school bus should not be on blocks around school such as 100-200 block of P and that plus drivers from CAPCS and KIPP are taking up parking, concerned about how to enforce people using bikes etc, they give a discount on after school program for families who travel by other than driving themselves; resident noted that may be able to request sharing of parking lot on CAPCS location, she hasn’t had luck asking CAPCS in past but may have better luck with Friendship and will ask again
  • Resident noted that it’s a nice experience to hear and see kids going to and from parks during day, another resident noted is good to have energy on that area of P St
  • Please let her know any ideas to mitigate parking and traffic problems, also they have been letting parents know to please not use alleys to walk children to school because difficult to drive and unsafe
  • Question re documentary being made about school – they did 9-minute piece of before and after for building and why it is special for them to be there

8:14-8:20pm Community Concerns

  • noted BACA Beautification Day Saturday, April 18, 2015, to coordinate with Bloomingdale etc
  • reminder re SMD 5E05 meeting, there is no scheduled meeting for SMD 5E06 but let her know if would like to have meeting or if have particular concern to discuss
  • BACA Board meeting few weeks ago – looking to have more committee structure and involvement, want to give more info on history of neighborhood, hopefully more small gatherings to get to know more neighbors such as potlucks, highlight artists and other resident involvement in neighborhood
  • resident Jason Miccolo Johnson’s artwork is displayed today in room as part of exhibit “Yours Naturally, Beauty That Grows On You” – he is professional photographer and has national traveling exhibition, he gave talk this Saturday here at church about African-American hair care and transitions
  • Question re land at NJ and P recently sold from one advertising agency to another – resident across street who was involved in getting billboards removed from that lot in past noted she is not sure what really happened there and if it was just a merger or if anything will be happening on the lot, has seen people surveying lot

8:20 PM Adjourned

Next meeting: Monday, April 6, 2015

2 thoughts on “BACA Meeting Minutes, Monday, March 2, 2015

  1. Curious if there was any discussion about the parking lot adjacent to CAPCS, which I understand is also owned by Kent Amos. If he owns the building and lot, is there any guarantee he will allow Friendship to take over the school there? And what will come of the parking lot, which has had a history of issues (and is zoned residential).

  2. Hi – sorry for the delayed reply. No, there was no other discussion about the parking lot besides what is reflected in the posted minutes. There should be someone from the DC Public Charter School Board to discuss the future of the CAPCS building and/or school activities at Comm’r Thomas’s SMD meeting next Saturday, March 14, at 9:30 am at the Dunbar High School media center. Hope to see you there.

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