1611 1st St NW, zoned C-2-A: conversion to 3 units, addition of a 4th floor pop-up

See the Bates area address from WBJ reporter Michael Neibauer’s daily DCRA permit review:

1611 1st St NW

1611 1st St NW is the house with the person standing on the front stoop.

  • 1611 First St. NW: This single-family home will be converted to three units, with the addition of a fourth floor, penthouse and roof-top deck, interior renovations, a fence and parking pad in the rear yard. The Bloomingdale-area home, the middle of three similar-looking row homes, was acquired by an LLC in June 2014 for $600,000.
DCRA logo
DCRA logo

Note that this property is zoned C-2-A.

PUD:    None
Zone District:    C-2-A
Overlay:    None
TDR Zone:    None
Campus Plan:     None
Historic Landmark:     None

6 thoughts on “1611 1st St NW, zoned C-2-A: conversion to 3 units, addition of a 4th floor pop-up

  1. Honestly, a sign of a greedy developer. That property could easily be converted, with three floors and a basement, into two condos. Adding a fourth floor is totally unnecessary except to maximize profit. Will they remove the turret – and totally destroy the character of the home?

  2. When is enough, enough? Three units! Really! Parking is already limited, I hope that they will make sufficient parking in the back of the property. They definately did not take the other First Street residence into consideration, they are only concerned about the profit margin. Hopefully, they will do a high end renovation, they will improve the curb appeal, and have HOA fees to keep the property maintained.

  3. I would imagine they would no doubt have HOA fees, since those are also profit centers for the management companies that control them. I suppose enough is enough when there is no demand for three units in a single rowhome.

    Why should a developer not be greedy by the way? Maximizing profit is pretty much the goal of nearly all companies anywhere. Is that surprising? While I do hope some effort is made to retain the turret on this house since it mirrors the neighboring ones, the block itself is not consistent in architecture. And that seems to have remained a fairly neglected block on First Street in Truxton, so perhaps this will help improve that block. The house on the corner of P and First that just went on the market as two condos and sold fairly quickly looks fantastic is a great improvement. Hopefully this will be as well.

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