Urban Turf: “New details and renderings for 120-unit project at Chapman Stables”

Click on the link to read the entire Urban Turf post and to see the full set of renderings.

New Details and Renderings for 120-Unit Project at Truxton Circle’s Chapman Stables

by Lark Turner

The proposed design for Four Points’ Chapman Stables project in Truxton Circle has evolved since it was presented at a neighborhood meeting in March.

The project, which will head before the Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) later this month, would include 120 units split between the historic structure, an addition to that structure, and a new building connected to the old property via a glass walkway.

Most of the renderings are preliminary; Four Points has since pushed the addition on the warehouse building further back. Below is the most recent rendering from the team.

Chapman Stables rendering 2015 05 13

4 thoughts on “Urban Turf: “New details and renderings for 120-unit project at Chapman Stables”

  1. Where will these 120 families park? The parking nightmare continues, and the city prescribes to pack new residents in like sardines. My neighbors say no to any height changes to the Historic Landmark..

  2. The plan includes underground parking for 60 vehicles. I cannot imagine all 120 units will have people living in them that have cars. Parking was certainly my first thought, but the fact they are putting underground parking in at all is better than what most developers are doing around the city.

  3. @Shaw Resident – if you click on the link and go to the Urbanturf article, you can see the historical N Street facing portion, which is largely preserved and improved. The embedded photo here is of the newer portion.

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