you are invited to follow @NorthCapitolDC on Twitter & Instagram !

Bates Area residents, visitors, local business patrons, business owners and property owners:

Want to keep up with the businesses in the North Capitol Street corridor?      

North Capitol Main Street (NCMS) invites residents, visitors, business patrons and business owners & operators to follow the North Capitol Main Street Twitter and Instagram accounts.

The North Capitol Main Street Twitter account is @NorthCapitolDC.

The North Capitol Main Street Instagram account is @NorthCapitolDC.

Many businesses and other enterprises in the NCMS corridor use Twitter and Instagram

You may already follow some of them.  

North Capitol Main Street is following all of the corridor’s businesses and other enterprises.  

If you follow @NorthCapitolDC on either (or both) Twitter and Instagram, you can see the tweets and grams from the NCMS corridor businesses — and you can also see favorable tweets and grams about the NCMS corridor businesses.  

Moreover, NCMS is also originating its own tweets and grams about the corridor.

What are the boundaries of the NCMS corridor?

  • North Capitol Street from New York Avenue up to Rhode Island Avenue
  • North Capitol Street NE to 2nd Street NE between Florida Avenue NE & Rhode Island Avenue NE
  • 1st Street NW from New York Avenue NW up to Rhode Island Avenue NW
  • Florida Avenue NW from North Capitol Street NW westward to 3rd Street NW
  • Rhode Island Avenue NW from North Capitol Street westward to 3rd Street NW               

So you can follow @NorthCapitolDC on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with what’s going on up & down and east & west of North Capitol Street! Thanks! 



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