52 O Street artist Lisa Marie Thalhammer’s Fairfax exhibit briefly profiled in Washington Post article

Click on the link to read the entire Washington Post article.

The paragraph that mentions Lisa Marie Thalhammer, an artist at the 52 O Street Artist Studios, is included below.

In the galleries: Anything but simplicity in these drawings

July 2


Two of the other three artists attempt to freeze transient feelings. Performance artist Bita Ghavami presents an array of clothing items, each tagged with a memory from when she wore it. Lisa Marie Thalhammer’s six “Mind Liberations” depicts human brains surrounded by emotional adjectives; the paper she uses is pre-stained with wine and green tea, which adds more volatile elements.

Ephemeral On view through July 18 at Olly Olly Art, 10417 Main St., Second Floor, Fairfax. 703-789-6144. www.ollyollyart.com.

Lisa Marie Thalhammer

52 O Street Studios

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