HPRB on Chapman Stables: roof alternation needed

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Chapman Stable 57 N St NW

Chapman Stables Development Needs to Alter Roof Addition Before Key Approval
July 28, 2015
by Tianna Mañón

A proposal to redevelop a former garage and stables in Truxton Circle is headed back to the Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) on Thursday, and a staff report from the Historic Preservation Office shows that while it recommends the project’s approval, there is still concern about the proposed roof structure, which was a sticking point at the last meeting.

Developer Four Points is planning a 110-unit residential development at Chapman Stables that would combine two lots, one the historic stable and the other a vacant lot at 57 N Street NW(map). The historic building will have an additional glassy third floor and the new construction behind it will rise to five stories. Originally, 120 units were proposed but HPRB requested a decrease for the roof addition on the historic building, which reduced the number of units.


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