MPD-5D listerv Email: “Breakins occurring around 3rd and P St. And loitering and gambling”

Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2015 15:48:44 -0400
Subject: [MPD-5D] Breakins occurring around 3rd and P St. And loitering and gambling


Breakins occurring around 3rd and P St. And loitering and gambling.

My neighbors have walked into burglaries in progress next door to me. We live across from the field of Dunbar HS. We’ve noticed and influx of congregating males maybe twice as large of numbers as were used to seeing. At times I can count 10-15, all but one male currently resides on our street. The rest come from Bates St. And surrounding neighborhoods. Driving into my alley I catch men urinating on our neighbors fences and properties, playing craps in the drive ways. Openly drinking alcoholic beverages like it’s their block party. This all begins after work hours into the night. The noise from stereos and loud talking keeps us up a lot. My neighbor says she calls the police regularly but none of the other neighbors have the courage to speak up to prevent all these men from sitting on their stoops and bringing out folding chairs blocking the side walks and alley ways. A white sedan parks in front of our house daily because our parking is not zoned and he lives on Bate Street. Men are cursing at my elderly neighbor sitting on our cars… This is looking more like old DC. We think these new faces are attracted to our area because it has a more relaxed enforcement, they are also getting to know the ins and outs of our schedules and scoping out the Alley ways for easy targets. When we work they sleep, when we try to sleep their out having their own nightly block party outside our windows.

I think some type of foot patrol would be helpful between the hours of 3pm-midnight. This is prime time for these people to start their business.?

What do we have to do to have law enforcement come into our area and actually disperse loitering. I see lots of police cars at the market or parked at Dunbar field even driving through. I don’t see officers on foot talking to us asking questions. Do I have to call 911 every time I see loitering? Why has this problem gotten worse? Is it legal for them to stand in front of our homes rather than stand in front of their own? I would love to not call on an emergency line for small matters but this seems to be the only option.

Thanks very much,

B. Hutchinson


Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2015 19:08:31 +0000
Subject: RE: [MPD-5D] Breakins occurring around 3rd and P St. And loitering and gambling

Good afternoon,

Thank you for contacting us in reference to the issues going on in the community. Your safety concerns are very important to us. I have directed my evening shift supervisors and officers to spend more time out on foot patrol when they are not handling calls for service. There will also be several dedicated foot and bicycle patrol beats on all shifts. Police will be out on patrol addressing the criminal and disorder issues as well as making contact with community members and stakeholders to increase lines of communication between the police officers and the community.

The officers will be providing directed patrol in your area to address your complaints about the disorderly men, including the loitering and the lawn chairs and gambling.
 We always want our community members to feel safe in their neighborhoods and to feel free to call us, flag us down or walk up to us with any and all community complaints even if they do not wish to provide their personal information.

In addition to the regular patrol officers who are assigned to the PSA, I have requested that members of our crime suppression team conduct sweeps through the area to assist in abating these disorderly individuals. Beginning next week there will also be several members of the PSA dedicated to addressing burglaries in the area.

Again, thank you for your email as it provides me with detailed information which helps with properly allocating resources to areas in need.

Lieutenant Carlos Mejia

Metropolitan Police Department

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