Niraj Ray’s Cultivate the City referenced in WaPo article on urban farming

Click on the link to read the entire Washington Post article.

I have copied in the paragraphs that mention Niraj Ray, who established the Cultivate the City urban farm at 1412 North Capitol Street NW next to the MetroPCS store.

1412-north-capitol-st-nw-2014-11 cultivate the city
This photo of Cultivate the City is from 2011

That empty patch of grass? That could be the District’s next farm.
By Lavanya Ramanathan September 4

One who hopes to do that is Niraj Ray, who has been known to drive across town tallying the vacant lots. Developers are simply squatting, waiting for neighborhoods to turn, the 29-year-old says, and in the meantime, he is hoping to cut deals that will allow him to plant on the grounds.
Ray founded Cultivate the City to teach the next generation of city dwellers to farm. (Never mind that they, too, will somehow have to figure out where to do it.) He has a few farms in the District, each less than a quarter of an acre, much of the space devoted to greens and long-season strawberries. (He, like Old City Farm, grows on land belonging to D.C. Public Schools.) “There’s so much opportunity,” he says, “for turning abandoned areas in D.C. into places to grow.”

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