MPD: gun arrest near North Capitol & Bates St NW


From: ‘Parker, Jeffrey (MPD)’ [MPD-5D]

Sent: Wednesday, November 4, 2015 11:29 PM


Subject: [MPD-5D] Fifth District Gun Arrest

This evening the Fifth District recovered two guns with arrest in separate incidents:.

Carrying a Pistol Without a License /Assault on Police Officer

North Capitol and Bates St. NW

CCN 15-176183 PSA 501 CASE CLOSED

A radio run for subject shooting in the air in the 1300 blk of No Cap St. NE.  MPD units arrive on the scene a suspect fled the scene  on bike to the no cap & Fla Ave and drop a 22 cal gun.  The pursuit ended in the unit block of Bates St NW,  At which time 2 uninvolved subject’s assaulted officers as they attempted to handcuff the suspect. 3 arrest were made no injuries to officers.

Carrying a Pistol Without a License

1600 Montana Ave NE

CCN 15-176064 PSA 505 CASE CLOSED

5D Crime Suppression Officers  were working in PSA 505 at approximately 4:40PM,  traveling south bound at the intersection of 14th and Saratoga Ave NE, when the observed a vehicle with the occupant acting  suspiciously.  A check of the license plate revealed that the vehicle was stolen.  Officers made a traffic stop and discovered that the driver was operating the vehicle without a valid permit.  A search of the stolen vehicle which revealed  Black in color Bodyguard .380 handgun loaded with one round in the chamber.  Also recovered an extended clip magazine labeled with .380 on the side. The magazine appeared to be loaded with at least six rounds of .380 ammunition.

Lieutenant Jeffrey Parker

Fifth District

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