911 and 311 for non-English speakers

From the MPD listserv:
The Office of Unified Commnications (DC 911/311) is prepared to handle calls from individuals regardless of what language they speak. So callers who do not speak English, or who feel more comfortable communicating in a language other than English, can still absolutely access 911 services.

There are call takers at the center who speak Spanish, Vietnamese, Amharic, Japanese, Russian, Korean and Yoruba. In addition, call takers have immediate access to a language translation service through which translations can be made available in more than 100 different languages and dialects. If necessary, callers should simply tell the call-taker they want a language translator to help facilitate their call.

For more information about 911 services I invite you to visit the OUC’s web page and to share the following link. The agency also welcomes the opportunity to participate in an upcoming community meeting hosted there to share additional information about all of the services the agency provides to all District residents and visitors.


Thank you for your support.

Kelly Brown
Office of Unified Communications

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