Important Update on Voting re 1520-1522 N. Capitol NW

Hello all – as David Hall, BACA President, stated during Monday night’s meeting, only the votes of people who were present at the meeting will be counted toward BACA’s official vote on this matter.  As stated in the original post for this matter (see the link below), if you did not submit your vote at the meeting, you may do so via email or paper to David or me (Christa).

That said, your input on this important development in our community is valuable and appreciated.  If you have already submitted a ballot but were not at the meeting, your vote will be forwarded to Commissioner Thomas for inclusion in his count with upcoming the SMD meeting (on February 13th).

If you have not yet submitted a ballot and were not at the meeting (and particularly if you will not be able to attend the SMD meeting either), please email your preference directly to Commissioner Bradley Thomas at

You may also email DMPED directly with any comments, as stated in the original post.

Thanks for making your voice heard!

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