M.M. Maxwell: “Using the NARA, Other Sources for DC Neighborhood Genealogy”

See this post at the Historic Washington list at Yahoogroups by Bates Area resident and historian M.M. Maxwell:


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Subject: [HistoricWashington] Using the NARA, Other Sources for D.C. Neighborhood Genealogy

The US National Archives has a pilot project called History Hub. Of possible interest to y’all is a blog post, called “District of Columbia – Using the NARA and other sources for a Neighborhood Genealogy”

Genealogists: District of Columbia – Using the N… |History Hub

Genealogists: District of Columbia- Using the N… |History Hub

Note this only applies to Washington, DC which until Home Rule on December 24, 1973, was a part of the Federal Government. But you can use some of the

View on historyhub.archives.gov Preview by Yahoo

As mentioned, it is a 6 month pilot project, and members of the public, like yourselves are invited to ask questions, and interact with some Archive staff, other history enthusiasts and the like.

Marie Maxwell

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