SMD 5E05 meeting agenda and ballot: This Sat. 2/13/16, 9:30 am

Good Morning All:

This is a reminder that our next Single Member District (SMD) Meeting is this coming Saturday, February 13, 2016, beginning at 9:30 am.  Attached is a copy of the agenda for the meeting (see hyperlink below).

There will be two information items and one voting item to consider.  Also attached is the ballot for the referendum on the development of the city owned lot at North Capitol and Bates Streets, N.W. (see hyperlink below). I have attached this document to give you time to think about your preference in advance of the meeting. Feel free to print out your own copy, fill it in and bring it with you to the meeting. There will also be blank copies at the meeting that you can fill out on Saturday if you prefer.  Copies of the Power Point slides from the developers are also attached (see hyperlink below).

Please plan to come on time. The architect for the mosque expansion has a 10:15 commitment elsewhere so that item will be discussed in the first part of the meeting.  Next up, we will hear about the plans for development of the old Steve’s Market site at First and P Streets, N.W. Item 3 will be the referendum on the N. Cap & Bates lot. Copies of the two proposals are also attached.

The last portion of the meeting will be set aside to hear from our task forces.  If your task force has a written report, please bring copies to the meeting.

See you on Saturday.

Bradley A. Thomas
(202) 670-0151

SMD Agenda February 2016

15201522 North Capitol Street – ballot/referendum

SMD 5E05 Cycle House Project  – Power Point slides

SMD 5E05 Lofts of Truxton Circle Project – Power Point slides


5 thoughts on “SMD 5E05 meeting agenda and ballot: This Sat. 2/13/16, 9:30 am

    1. They are in links at the bottom of the post (they just don’t look like hyperlinks for some reason). Sorry for the confusion.

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