Updated Resolution, and ANC 5E Agenda for Tuesday, 2/16/16

The link for the resolution to be presented by Commissioner Thomas at the ANC meeting tomorrow evening (2/16/16) has been updated with some minor modifications, based on his late discussion with Tsega Bekele of DMPED.  See the updated hyperlink at the end of the prior post: https://batesareacivicassociation.org/2016/02/15/voting-results-and-resolution-on-n-cap-bates-lot/

Also, here is the ANC 5E Final Agenda (Feb 2016) for tomorrow night’s ANC 5E public meeting at Friendship-Armstrong Public Charter School.  The meeting starts at 7:00 pm.  Commissioner Thomas will arrive at about 7:40 pm because he has a conflict on Tuesdays for the next three months, but the N. Capitol & Bates lot issue is not scheduled to be heard until later in the meeting; therefore, he will still be able to present and advocate for the resolution.


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