Voting Results and Resolution On N. Cap. & Bates Lot

From Commissioner Thomas:

Happy Presidents Day:

I hope you are all keeping warm and dry during this holiday winter storm event. While you’re sitting back enjoying the day (or working your butt off, whichever is the case), attached are the results of the referendums we took in the SMD, and from the Bates Area Civic Association, on the proposals to develop the lot at North Capitol and Bates Streets, N.W. Also attached is the resolution I just drafted based on those results which I intend to present to the ANC tomorrow night.  The resolution won’t be ideal for everyone but I tried to capture the majority view.  (See the hyperlinks at the bottom of this post.)

Thanks for your participation in the process thus far. Keep in mind that whoever is awarded the property, we are going to have to stay active to make sure our concerns continue to be considered and addressed throughout the implementation of this project.

Bradley A. Thomas


(202) 670-0151

If you would like to be added to Commissioner Thomas’s email listserv for additional community related updates, you may email him and request to be added:

15201522 North Capitol Street BACA Ref Results

15201522 North Capitol Street SMD Ref Results

ANC5E 1520-1522 North Capitol Street Resolution (Updated)

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