WaPo Courtland Milloy column on Masjid Muhammad

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Masjid Muhammad DC

If you see nothing suspicious at a mosque, maybe that’s normal

By Courtland Milloy Columnist April 5 at 9:15 PM

On my way to Masjid Muhammad DC, which calls itself the “nation’s mosque,” a slogan coined by the Department of Homeland Security came to mind: “If you see something, say something.” And in the blink of an eye, I was on the lookout for odd and out-of-the-ordinary goings-on.

I had driven past the mosque many times but hadn’t noticed that the street where it was located, the 1500 block of Fourth Street NW, had been renamed Islamic Way. In 1992, as it turned out. And — here’s the odd part — no one had ever tried to change it back. Or even taken down the Islamic Way signs.

In many parts of the country, those signs would have been obliterated the moment they went up.

An armed group of outsiders called the Oath Keepers had targeted Masjid Muhammad for a protest in October, hoping to show that Muslims were violent. Residents in the neighborhood responded by putting up fliers that said “Hate Free Zone.”


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