Seeking BACA Officer Nominations

Howdy neighbors, new and old – Do you want to become more involved in BACA and help encourage our vibrant community?  Do you know someone who you think would be great at organizing speakers for meetings, projects, and/or events, but you would just like to help out?? 

BACA officer nominations will be solicited at our Monday, July 11, 2016, meeting.  Please consider running for a position or encouraging a neighbor to run….  We have a lot of great, busy residents in our area, and it takes volunteers and time to keep up our annual and periodic events and get new projects off the ground. 

There are four Executive Board positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary; as well as five At-Large Officer positions.  Elections will be held at the next meeting in September 2016, as there is no meeting in August, and new officers are scheduled to take over the reins beginning in October 2016 for a two-year term.

Active involvement in BACA in any capacity is a great way to get to know more neighbors and have an impact on the present and future of our community!  If you do not want to be an Executive Board member, the At-Large Officer positions are a great way to be more involved by helping plan and organize individual projects. 

Some popular and recurring recent events have been Flower Power, Beautification and Cleanup Day, Annual Night Out, Movie Night at the Florida Avenue Park…. Some past events and ideas that have great potential for a resurgence are a block party, community garden, yard sale, periodic newsletter, community walkthroughs with city representatives….

We welcome new ideas and involvement from all!  Thanks!

Christa Fields
BACA Secretary, 2012-2016

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